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Remedy reveals Alan Wake 2 prototype footage, would like to return to the franchise at some point

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Remedy had originally planned a sequel to its cult horror game Alan Wake, but despite pitching the idea to various publishers, the project sadly never amounted to anything.

If you're a fan of the original though, you might be interested to see what the team had in mind. Polygon has been talking to various developers at the Finnish studio, and trying to work out why the ball never got rolling on a second game.

Remedy's Alan Wake now "like a cult classic" with over 2 million sales

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The head of franchise development over at Remedy Entertainment says that Alan Wake, their spooky writer series, has cleared the 2 million sold milestone which includes PC sales.

It's become something "really positive" after a slow start. Fans of Alan Wake "feel the urge to tell their friends" about it. Passed over "sipping cocktails" to get on with Alan Wake.

PC version of Alan Wake hits NA retail on the 3rd April

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Remedy Entertainment has announced that Legacy Interactive will be distributing the PC version of Alan Wake for retail in North America. The game will be hitting store shelves in the region on the 3rd April.

Remedy gets "motivation" from Skyrim's success

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Story-driven games are Remedy Entertainment's passion and they get "motivation" to continue doing them when RPGs like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim do so well amongst gamers.

It means there's "obviously an audience out there" for story as much as action. The studio don't need to "make our stories any less than they are," and can stay story-heavy.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare teased for PC

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Xbox Live Arcade exclusive Alan Wake's American Nightmare from Remedy Entertainment may well land on PC much like it's late to arrive older brother, which broke even with 2 days.

PC gaming is part of Remedy's "heritage" assures the studio. "We'll make it happen if we can." While PC gets upgraded to 'maybe', the PlayStation is most certainly not on the agenda.

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