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Armed Assault Review

Bohemia really shocked and led the pack for combat realism with Operation Flashpoint, now they're set to hit hard and fast again with Armed Assault.

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Exellent game... when it works. · by paelleon ·

This game is awesome. A true sequel of the mighty Operation Flashpoint. With its predecessor it shares highly accurate ballistic, physics, sounds (bullets are faster than sound!), tactical sense. But it improves graphic (not needed really), weapons handling (more realistic recoil) and larger map! Unfortunatly it came in a time of transition from DX9 to DX10 and all thath useless graphic makes it a "ninja PC game"! The result is a low stability issue, even with top notch GF8800 cards. Infact BIS is already working to Armed Assault 2 (a DX10 only game).

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