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Civilization VI Latest News

Civilization VI Patch Notes - Winter 2016 Update

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Civilization VI only just released late last week on 20th October, with the launch going very well. It currently sits as the third most played game on Steam, with 99,138 players at its peak and some very positive reviews on the Steam store front.

With our review on the way soon, and there's still the excitement that mods will bring once the developers release the tools for it, it looks like Civilization VI will be on our play lists for a long time. That's one of the reasons why we're going to provide a handy little page to keep you updated on all the Civilization VI Patch Notes that come along, and what changes these patches make to the game.

Civilization VI Renaming Cities - Option Might Arrive In A Future Patch

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Does Cleopatra suddenly not want anything to do with you? Is Qin Shi Huang oddly friendly no matter how many times you step on his toes? While some might think the instant denouncement of your Civilization is a mere bug in the system, it actually has solid reasoning behind it.

Silly Civilization VI Earth Map Melts Graphics Cards

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The modders over at Civ Fanatics have released an earth map mod that reproduces the Earth landscape and it may melt your GPU.

Civilization 6 Stuck On Loading Screen Fix

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There's a particularly annoying bug in Civ 6 currently that that makes loading either painstakingly long or gets stuck on the loading screen indefinitely. Fear not you budding empire builders, GameWatcher has you covered with a fix that should fix the dreaded loading screen freeze.

Civilization VI Launch Trailer Urges You To Test Your Limits On October 21

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Hopefully you've read out Civilization VI preview and locked in your 'Day One' Aztec enabler before it's too late. If so, you'll probably enjoy the new launch trailer with the smooth vocals of everyone's favorite Yorkshire man - Sean Bean.

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