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Defense Grid 2 Summary

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Defense Grid 2 trailer hits, shows shiny new graphics engine

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Defense Grid 2, the long-awaited sequel to 2008's tower defense hit, has just received a new trailer showing the latest improvements to the graphics engine as well as some good old fashioned alien-blasting.

Report: Single investor backing Defense Grid 2 crowdfunding revealed

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The Kickstarter crowdfunding drive for Defense Grid 2 failed to meet the $1M stretch goal to debut the sequel; it made just enough for Hidden Path Entertainment to get some new content for the original Defense Grid.

Defense Grid 2 Kickstarter only makes minimum funding

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The Kickstarter crowdfunding of Defense Grid 2 both succeeded and failed. The funding managed to get the minimum $250K, but didn't reach any other level, much less the $1M that would have funded a full Defense Grid 2. Instead, an eight level expansion to the original game will be released.

Defense Grid 2 debuts as a Kickstarter project, with ATI graphic card pledge rewards

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Fans of Hidden Path's tower defense game, Defense Grid: The Awakening, will be pleased to find that the developer has opened up a Kickstarter project for the sequel, titled simply Defense Grid 2. The sequel is only being released on PC for the time being.

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