Europa Universalis IV Mods

Category Name Mods Downloads Total size Last update
General Mods 16 2,986 35.3 MB Mar 27, 2015
New Races / Nations 4 872 34.8 MB Mar 20, 2015
All Mods 21 3,858 70 MB Mar 20, 2015

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Latest mods

Turkestan mod 1.2

  • [Mod]
  • Posted 8 months ago
  • 42.7 KB

All Turkic nations could form turkestan korean and japanese culture in altaic kurdistan's culture become kurdish Turco-semitic culture group become Ottoman culture. (tuareg and kurdish into ottoman culture group.) Ottomans flag changed.


  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 1 year ago
  • 34.5 MB

an update of the old new California republic mod with new faction the Caesar's legions with new unique decisions for both faction that will give you a great gaming experience

New California Republic

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 1 year ago
  • 41.5 KB

a mod that add a new nation the New California Republic with new cool decisions "establish New Vegas" "organize the desert rangers" the new american tech group that give you -10% tech cost also new units from level one up to level 31 the ultimate nation

Roman Empire v1.1

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 1 year ago
  • 197 KB

It is a simple modification which adds a Byzantium decision which will give you the opportunity (after you meet the conditions) to restore the Roman Empire. Mod is fully compatible with save games.