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Blizzard showcases new skins and heroes incoming for Heroes of the Storm

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Blizzard has released a new video showing off some of the skins, heroes and mounts soon to be winging their way to its cross-IP MOBA, Heroes of the Storm.

New faces Lt. Morales the medic and Artanis the Protoss warrior are both on their way, with a bunch of unique skins for each based on some iconic Blizzard designs. Morales gets a plate armour set inspired by the Stormwind guards of World of Warcraft, for example.

Blizzard is adding new anti-harassment features to Heroes of the Storm

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Taking some cues from Riot Games when it comes to community management, Blizzard is adding new tools to MOBA Heroes of the Storm that will make it easier for players to report harassment and toxic behaviour.

For a kick-off, new categories have been added to the game's in-built report player option, covering all the classic forms of anti-social behaviour enjoyed by the average internet idiot.

Blizzard takes Heroes of the Storm map out of rotation due to major bug

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The Diablo-themed map Battlefield of Eternity, recently added to MOBA Heroes of the Storm in a major update, has been taken out of rotation by Blizzard due to the discovery of a game-breaking bug.

Latest Heroes of the Storm update adds secret Duck Hunt minigame

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It's not just beardy monk killing machines that Blizzard's added in the latest update for its MOBA Heroes of the Storm – there's an homage to classic light gun shooter Duck Hunt in there too.

Yes, if you hang around on the game's title screen, you can click on the trees in the background to send a duck flying out, where it can be blasted into smithereens. Observe the correct technique in this video, courtesy of Heroes Nexus:

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