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Two new Diablo-themed characters revealed for Heroes of the Storm

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Blizzard has revealed two more characters for their MOBA Heroes of the Storm. Both heroes are from the Diablo series, including Li Ming the Wizard from Diablo 3 and Xul the Necromancer from Diablo 2.

Newest Heroes of the Storm champion gives players duality on the battlefield

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Back in November, Blizzard gave Heroes of the Storm players a challenge with the introduction of Cho'Gall: A hero that required two players to control. This time around, the tables are turned. With the newest addition to the Heroes of the Storm roster, players will essentially be able to control two heroes in one.

Heroes of the Storm rolls out new hero Lunara and winter holiday event

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Blizzard has been busy this holiday season getting something special ready for their free-to-play MOBA, Heroes of the Storm. They've rolled out a new patch for the game, along with a new seasonal event and new playable hero.

Heroes of the Storm won't be offering spectate mode anytime soon

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Spectate mode is a nifty options in MOBA games. With it, you can watch your friends kick butt or get wrecked, watch pro players and learn some tips and tricks, or just take a load off and enjoy a game without the stress of playing. Unfortunately, it would appear that players of Heart of the Storm aren't getting that kind of freedom anytime soon according to Heroes of the Storm and StarCraft II game director Dustin Browder.

Blizzard announces Black Friday sale for Heroes of the Storm

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Black Friday is almost upon us, in which a lot of different outlets off and online will be issuing some of their best deals for the holiday season. Blizzard is getting a small jump on things with their announcement of deals coming to Heroes of the Storm starting next week.

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