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Jade Empire temporarily listed as free on Origin

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Jade Empire is one of BioWare's seemingl forgotten franchises, a martial arts roleplaying game that appeared on the original Xbox and PC, and whose sequel as maddeningly been teased and teased over and over..

Over the weekend, though, Electronic Arts teased Jade Empire in a different way, listing the game as one of its free promotions. Gamers who tried to add it to their library weren't able to, though.

Writing romances is opening "Pandora's Box", says BioWare writer David Gaider

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Dragon Age: Inquisition lead writer David Gaider has discussed the topic of romance in BioWare's RPGs, and how some would be happy if they "just abandoned the effort altogether," but it's tricky.

There are those who enjoy BioWare's tales as much as they do because of romance options, but the team often feels the pressure and always ask 'should we bother?'

Jade Empire as an Xbox 360 launch title "would have been massive"

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Dr. Greg Zeschuk muses that if their original Xbox RPG Jade Empire had of been held back as a launch title for the Xbox 360, its impact would have been vastly greater. Instead it released when the cycle was winding down.

The BioWare co-founder says it "would've been great to put off a bit" and polish it some more. The studio also missed a trick when Mass Effect missed its launch title window.

Zeschuk: Old-school gaming in "sick market" right now, digital 'not filling gaps'

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BioWare co-founder Dr. Greg Zeschuk doesn't hold much hope in the next generation of platforms as catalysts for revival. Unlike Microsoft and Sony "pull something magically out of a hat," it's the same old tricks.

The trouble is that the new market emerging is "not really that great" - only some are making a ton of money, but most don't see revenues like from the console business. Need something innovative.

Rumour: Co-founder Greg Zeschuk leaves BioWare?

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According to German website GamersGlobal, BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk may have exited the company he started alongside Ray Muzyka back in 1995. He quit as GM back in May this year.

Former Major League Gaming CEO Matthew Bromberg took over as the General Manager of BioWare Austin. Apparently Austin devs "fear" they'll be rebranded 'EA Austin'.

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