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Telltale "no longer working" on King's Quest, license returns to Activision

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There's strife in the point and click adventure kingdom, fair PC gamer. Telltale Games has apparently decided not to work on Sierra's classic King's Quest franchise after all, with license rights going back to Activision.

The Walking Dead developer "decided against outsourcing" and couldn't take it on themselves and so it was shelved. Activision look set to do something with it, claims another dev.

Fan-made King's Quest III Redux out late February, AGD's last

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If you've a penchant for old skool point 'n' click adventuring then the fan-made King's Quest III Redux should be on your radar. It's due out late next month.

AGD Interactive has already revived King's Quest I & II as well as Quest for Glory. KQIII Redux is their last before moving on to find other projects.

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