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Riot introduces new ambush hero Kindred to League of Legends

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After teasing it earlier in the week, Riot Games has lifted the lid on the next champion to be added to its ever-popular MOBA League of Legends.

Comprised of two opposing spirits, the diminutive Kindred is a ranged hero who can tag enemies for death, and grows stronger as its marked targets are taken out.

League of Legends teaser points to new Hero reveal‏

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Riot Games has posted s strange teaser on its League of Legends page, that points towards a new Hero character for the popular MOBA.

"They are coming. Listen to their tale," reads the post, accompanied by a short video clip two figures discussing a mysterious "pale man". Here's a transcription of the audio:

Riot teases sci-fi skins on the way in League of Legends update Project: First Strike

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Riot Games is adding a whole bunch of robotic skins to League of Legends as part of a new update called Project: First Strike. You can check some of them out in this new trailer.

I was going to comment on it being strange that Riot's decided to pump a load of sci-fi content into its fantasy MOBA, but then I remember that they've already done things like this. Really, this is quite restrained.

Popular League of Legends champion Azir nerfed in latest patch

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Azir is widely regarded as one of the strongest League of Legends champions out there, why may be why developer Riot has decided to tone him down a bit in the latest patch.

Update 5.17 tweaked his special 'Q' attack, 'Conquering Sands', which lets him summon his sand minions to him and do damage to any players who get in their way – now, enemies will no longer take damage from every minion. Just the first one.

Patch 5.16 for League of Legends adds new Juggernaut-class tanks

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Patch 5.16 for League of Legends will make some big changes to heroes Garen, Darius, Skarner and Mordekaiser - for one, Riot is now calling them 'Juggernauts', and each one has been given a few new boosts to make them more viable to play.

For example, Darius has been given a new 'Bloodrage' skill, which buffs his damage after killing five enemies and stacks bleed damage on his foes.

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