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G2A calls its League of Legends sponsorship ban "heavy-handed and potentially damaging"

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Riot Games recently decided to ban key-selling website G2A from sponsoring League of Legends teams, due to the site's refusal to remove account selling and boosting options.

Now G2A has issued an official statement in response to the ban, calling it a "heavy-handed and potentially damaging" attempt to control the industry that will negatively affect the eSports scene.

New League of Legends hero delayed due to "gameplay-impacting issue"

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League of Legends
patch 5.19 was released last week, and it was meant to bring with it a brand new Champion, the strange wolf spirit pair known as Kindred. Ultimately that didn't happen, as Riot discovered a bug that was affecting the new hero.

"We found an important, gameplay-impacting issue that we can't release, specifically related to Kindred," explains a Riot Games representative on the official forums. "Rather than rush a fix out the door, we are going to take due diligence to maintain the integrity of the game and release Kindred (all fixed up) next patch, once it has had adequate coverage. Until that time I hope Worlds can sustain your hype train. We really can't wait to get this champ in your hands and see what you can do with them. They are (still) coming!"

Riot introduces new ambush hero Kindred to League of Legends

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After teasing it earlier in the week, Riot Games has lifted the lid on the next champion to be added to its ever-popular MOBA League of Legends.

Comprised of two opposing spirits, the diminutive Kindred is a ranged hero who can tag enemies for death, and grows stronger as its marked targets are taken out.

League of Legends teaser points to new Hero reveal‏

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Riot Games has posted s strange teaser on its League of Legends page, that points towards a new Hero character for the popular MOBA.

"They are coming. Listen to their tale," reads the post, accompanied by a short video clip two figures discussing a mysterious "pale man". Here's a transcription of the audio:

Riot teases sci-fi skins on the way in League of Legends update Project: First Strike

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Riot Games is adding a whole bunch of robotic skins to League of Legends as part of a new update called Project: First Strike. You can check some of them out in this new trailer.

I was going to comment on it being strange that Riot's decided to pump a load of sci-fi content into its fantasy MOBA, but then I remember that they've already done things like this. Really, this is quite restrained.

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