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Patch 5.16 for League of Legends adds new Juggernaut-class tanks

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Patch 5.16 for League of Legends will make some big changes to heroes Garen, Darius, Skarner and Mordekaiser - for one, Riot is now calling them 'Juggernauts', and each one has been given a few new boosts to make them more viable to play.

For example, Darius has been given a new 'Bloodrage' skill, which buffs his damage after killing five enemies and stacks bleed damage on his foes.

Reports of League of Legends character Gangplank's death were greatly exaggerated

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Riot killed of League of Legends mainstay Gangplank last week, as part of the ongoing Bilgewater event, which progresses the background story of the MOBA's key nautical characters.

The grumpy pirate captain was seemingly killed by fellow buccaneer Miss Fortune, but wait! - in fact, and to nobody's real surprise, he's not actually dead. His fate was revealed in the Bilgewater epilogue, though he didn't escape entirely unscathed. Here's a snippet.

League of Legends character Gangplank killed off, much to fans' dismay

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Riot Games typically doesn't let League of Legends' lore directly affect its gameplay, for obvious reasons. Which is why it's so odd to see them kill off popular pirate hero Gangplank, not least because he had only just had his skills and costume updated.

As you can imagine, fans who had splashed out cash on their hero just to see him deaded were none too happy, but Riot has responded asking them to remain patient and see what happens in the next few days.

League of Legends ranked matches suspended by Riot Games following 'instant teleport bug'

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Instant teleportation maybe the dream for mankind but it's causing a right fuss for League of Legends right now. Riot Games has temporary taken ranked matches offline to address the hyper-efficient Recall spell.

Normally this would take time to charge up, leaving heroes vulnerable, but they've been zipping back home before you could blink. It affects all champions so they had to pull ranked matches.

Riot says only 2% of League of Legends games marked by harassment

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Whether rightly or wrongly, Riot's MOBA League of Legends has become intimately associated with the troubling issue of player toxicity since it launched back in 2009. According to the studio, though, the issue perhaps isn't quite as prevalent as people think. At least these days.

Riot puts its success down to a 'Tribunal' system for player harassment, which has, for the most part, allowed the community to police itself.

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