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League of Legends: Clash of Fates Latest News

League Of Legends Finally Gets Its Much-Requested Sandbox Practice Mode

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Requested and often shot down, Riot Games have finally added a practice arena for their mega-popular MOBA title - League of Legends.

Overwatch, League of Legends And Expensive GPUs Make PC The Second Strongest Market Of 2016

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Who said PC gaming was dead? Ok, sure, that's an old line at his point; but for some, they still honestly think that. With the latest console generation being on the most expensive the enter, it hasn't stopped the blocks from selling at a rapid pace. But even so, the PC has pushed ahead to take its place as the second strongest market of the year.

Garen, Vi and Azir Join The Warring Kingdoms - 6 New Skins Appear on The League Of Legends PBE

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League of Legends is a never ending rollercoaster ride for Riot Games. Being one the most popular games in the world while still running solely on micro-transactions means they're constantly throwing out more reasons for you to throw your money back at them. There's 6 new skins available on the test realms today, but who knows when they'll make it into the game.

Camille's League of Legends Debut Is Official, And She Will Hurt

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Heavily hinted during last week's League of Legends comic, Camille has been officially unveiled as the popular MOBA's newest champion.

Camille Is The Latest Champion To Grace League of Legends

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Already 130+ champions strong, League of Legends will seemingly never cease in its quest for world domination. While Summoner's Rift is about the only map you really ever see, it's alarming to think how many combinations of champions have duked it out on the field over the years. And even though Ivern was released only last month, they're already teasing the next herald to join the fray - Camille.

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