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Need For Speed: Rivals Complete Edition announced, due out this October

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This late October EA will be releasing Need For Speed: Rivals Complete Edition, which is the original game with all its many DLC packs combined. It comes to PC and the consoles.

Right now the original is free to download through EA Access on Xbox One. This Complete Edition arrives as EA confirms no new Need for Speed is due this year.

Need for Speed: Rivals adds the 2014 Ford Mustang for free

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In the latest cross-promotion deal for a racing game, the 2014 Ford Mustang has been released in a DLC update for Need for Speed: Rivals.

Ghost Games had "already begun work on future iterations" of Need for Speed

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Need for Speed: Rivals developer Ghost Games was already busy with the next instalment in the racing franchise before their first foray into the IP was out the door. Ghost has been given control of the series.

The IP torch passed from Criterion which had reduced in size to 16 people, with most going on to form Ghost Games UK. Need For Speed: Rivals launched last month.

'Worst Company' vote made EA realise "we are doing things that people don't like"

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Patrick Soderlund, EA Studios' EVP, has said he wants the publisher to be "remembered and respected for the games we make," and not as the reigning 'worst company in the US' as they have been for two years.

He doesn't "believe for a second" they're actually the worst US company, in fact they aren't, but the message was clear. They looked at Online Pass and cut the dead weight.

"Almost flawless" 60 framerate fix for Need for Speed: Rivals, don't go below 50

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PC gamers are stuck with 30 frames per second with Need for Speed: Rivals? Boo! Hiss! Fortunately there is a cheeky and rather simple workaround using a little command line in the shortcut properties matrix.

The 'fix' just tells the game to output the performance at 60 fps, however should your hardware not be enough to power it then it'll be "really sluggish" if you dip below 50.

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