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Yakuza Character Pack now available for Payday 2

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Payday 2 players can now partake of the Yakuza Character Pack, a fresh piece of DLC which adds a brand new anti-hero, some mask, and two new weapons.

Coming in at $4.99, the pack introduces Japanese gangster Jiro, a new playable character voiced by veteran actor Togo Igawa.

Free weekend for Payday 2 on Steam, new Yakuza Character Pack announced

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Payday 2 will be free to try out on Steam for the rest of the weekend, developer Overkill has announced. The heist thriller and its various chunks of DLC will be will also be discounted for up to 75% during that time.

The studio has also released a brief teaser trailer for yet another DLC pack, which stars veteran Japanese actor Togo Igawa as a fearsome Yakuza called Jiro.

Payday's Overkill Software brings The Walking Dead to E3 2015

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Next week there'll be a new co-op zombie shooter on the block with Overkill Software's bash at The Walking Dead franchise. It's said to be inspired by their own hugely popular Payday series, trading in heists for undead survival.

It'll blend action, RPG, survival and stealth apparently, and it's the experience "fans have been waiting for" from The Walking Dead. It's expected to shuffle out sometime in 2016 for PC and console.

Developer Starbreeze teams up with DJ Alesso for new PayDay 2 DLC

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Starbreeze Studios is joining forces with DJ Alesso (cooler people than me might have some idea who that is) for the twenty first piece of PayDay 2 DLC – unsurprisingly called The Alesso Heist.

The job takes place at one of the DJ's concerts, and includes new weapons, masks, achievements, and a new song by Alesso himself.

Payday 2 heats up with The Butcher's BBQ Pack

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Wow, I knew Payday 2 had a lot of DLC, but the latest pack pushes the total number of add-ons up to 20. That's heading into Crusader Kings 2 territory.

Said DLC, > The Butcher's BBQ Pack, adds the Piglet Grenade Launcher, 12G Steakout Shotgun and Mk1 Flamethrower to your arsenal. I question the logic of taking a flamethrower on a bank heist, unless it is a bank being run by The Thing.

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