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Payday 2 Latest News

New Point Break-licensed DLC announced for Payday 2

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Overkill has announced some new DLC for their co-op heist game PayDay 2 based on the movie Point Break (the remake, but it's hard to differentiate so it's easy to pretend it's the original 1990's film.) One DLC will be a premium pack, while the other is free. The DLC is being produced in collaboration with Alcon Entertainment, Warner Bros. Pictures and Lionsgate.

Overkill continues to explain microtransactions on Payday 2 while mods get death threats

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So, the situation with Overkill has gone completely downhill regarding the microtransactions for Payday 2, which involved the Sputnik Loot Safe that required a fee to open to get weapon skins that had a small boost and stat tweak. They then released The Completely Overkill Pack for $19.99, in which each owner of the pack received an exclusive set of safe and drill and are entitled to one item (a weapon skin) out of the available 25, without having to pay the per-time fee.

That resulted in the moderators going on strike because of death threats in the forum, who have demanded that Overkill explain themselves, which they did.

Overkill defends microtransaction model in Payday 2 introduced after Crimefest event

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Overkill is dealing with a major fan outcry after the announcement at Crimefest, their ten day fan event, of the new "Black Market" update that has a Safe loot drop after missions, but requires $2.49 to open.

PayDay 2 Black Market update adds microtransactions

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The latest PayDay 2 update adds random drops containing various items including 'Safes'; these can't be opened up unless you purchase a 'Drill' for €2.20/$2.50 in real money.

It's the first real appearance of microtransactions in the game, which has of course had a bucketload of additional DLC. Safes contain new weapon skins, but also - and here's the problem - have a chance of boosting each gun's stats.

Free Payday 2 update introduces FBI Files and a new enemy type

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Payday 2 is set to receive a free update tomorrow that will kick off a new FBI Files event, and a new riot-shield equipped enemy to keep you busy.

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