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PlanetSide 2 Summary


PlanetSide 2 Review

Taking a trip planetside? Remember to bring an army with you.

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Daybreak shows off base building and other upcoming features for PlanetSide 2

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Daybreak Game Company, formerly Sony Online Entertainment, unveiled the hotly anticipated base building feature for their MMOFPS Planetside 2, along with some other upcoming features.

With base building, players will have the ability to harvest and then construct temporary fortifications, using vehicles called."ANTs" (Advanced Nanite Transports.) ANTs harvest resource nodes which will appear around the map. With it will come goals that offer sub-objectives outside the typical base fight.

Daybreak Games reveals Halloween festivities for Everquest, DC Universe Online and others

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Daybreak Games, formerly Sony Online Entertainment before Sony sold it to Columbus Nova, has announced the Halloween festivities planned for its various online games.

Planetside 2 players gather for record-breaking FPS battle

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Now that's what I call a real firefight. Planetside 2 players gathered for a good old-fashioned scrum over the weekend, with 1,158 grunts taking to the field to break the world record for the largest online FPS battle.

According to fansite and event organiser Planetside Battles, the record-breaking skirmish resulted in an impressive 53,729 kills, 3,822 team kills, 5,089 vehicles destroyed, and 31 separate base captures.

Sony helping PlanetSide 2 to break 'Most Players Online in an FPS Battle' record

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PlanetsideBattles and Sony Online Entertainment want the good boys and girls of PlanetSide 2 to enlist in their crazy caper to break a Guinness World Record with the MMOFPS. In fact they want to recapture a certain title.

The original PlanetSide held the 'Most Players Online in an FPS Battle' record, but it was taken by Man vs Machine in 2012. It's time to strike back and it begins January 24th, 2015 @ 22:00UTC.

Planetside 2 introducing new Directives achievement system on August 5

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Massively multiplayer sci-fi shooter Planetside 2 is introducing a big new patch tomorrow, the highlight of which is a new achievements and progression tracking system known as Directives.

It's not just for recording all your best moments - rack up enough Directive Points to hit the higher tiers and you can unlock "exclusive Auraxium prestige weapons and appearance items".

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