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Just another manic Monday... over and over again.

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Randal's Monday Jeff Anderson & Jason Mewes Interview Video

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The actors Jason Mewes, also known as Jay from Jay & Silent Bob, and Jeff Anderson, known as Randal from the Clerks-franchise, will lend their voices to characters from Randal's Monday – Jeff Anderson even taking over the part of the main character Randal. This video shows you material right from the voice recordings in LA, where they are presenting their roles, themselves and also talk about their reunion.

Geek culture adventure game Randal's Monday announced by Nexus Game Studios

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Nexus Game Studios has announced Randal’s Monday, a classic-style point & click adventure game that focuses on geek culture. The game revolves around Randal Hicks, "the best antihero you can come across from here to The Tannhauser Gate. But be careful; if you meet him, don’t lose the sight of your wallet."

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