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Star Citizen achieves $63 million in crowd-funding in wake of anniversary sale

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The latest 'Letter from the Chairman' from Cloud Imperium's Chris Roberts announces the latest record-breaking milestone of $63 million for space sim Star Citizen. It's thanks to the recent anniversary sales.

Roberts stresses "you don't need anything beyond" a basic starter pack to get in Star Citizen early, but the studio is grateful to those still contributing so they can invest in "bigger or additional ships".

Star Citizen's FPS mode‏ demoed at PAX Australia

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Here's a chance to check out space sim Star Citizen's first-person shooter mode, which was demonstrated by developer Cloud Imperium Games at PAX Australia last Friday.

The ten minutes of footage shows off some currently rather rough but fairly promising near-future co-op action, complete with a zero-G mode.

Chris Roberts showcases Star Citizen's planetside gameplay

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Star Citizen's not all about dogfighting, laser battles and hyperspace jumps you know. You can also wander about planetside, buying items and ships and getting new missions.

Here's creator Chris Roberts showcasing that exciting wandering about. Okay, it's actually pretty impressive seeing the player zoom down from orbit, make his way through the cityscape to the landing pad, then actually hop out of his ship and head into town.

RSI isn't treating Star Citizen funding as profit, says Chris Roberts

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Roberts Space Industries might be making more money than the GDP of most medium-sized nations, but Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts is adamant that all that cash is going into the game, and not the team's pockets.

In an open letter on the developer's website, Roberts explained why the company is continuing to seek funding despite the fact they've already made over $55 million.

Star Citizen reaches $54 million, enjoys 10,000 new backers since last milestone

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Chris Roberts has posted his latest 'Letter From The Chairman', where he thanks new backers and racers who snapped up the new M50s and 350Rs as Cloud Imperium introduced the new race mode.

At the $54m mark we've now unlocked "additional AI activities" that will be coded for NPCs to be doing in the persistent universe. The studio also released a greyboxing report for the Retaliator.

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