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Star Citizen is about to start coming together, says Chris Roberts

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It might haven taken until the game hit the frankly ridiculous sum of $74 million via its Kickstarter campaign, but creator Chris Roberts says space sim Space Citizen is about to start coming together.

In one of Roberts' frequent 'Letter From the Chairman' posts, the developer says; “We’ve talked a lot about how Star Citizen will come together from disparate pieces over the past year, and we are now entering into when that happens.”

Star Citizen launches Public Test Universe with latest Arena Commander build

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Developer Cloud Imperium has created a Public Test Universe for its ambitious space sim Star Citizen, where payers can have fun testing out an incomplete and buggy alpha version of the game. Yay?

In a post on Roberts Space Industries the studio revealed that the PTU is now available to all backers, and comes with a test build of Arena Commander 1.0.1.

Cloud Imperium to launch European publishing arm, Star Citizen VAT charges begin February 1st

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Good news: Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games is expanding to include its own European publishing arm, helping out us Old World'ers moving forward. Bad News: Now we'll have to pay VAT.

This means prices will be local to Europeans, but we'll also have to pay a little more depending on the local VAT rate. This will help Cloud Imperium ride out those "exchange rate fluctuations" too.

Chris Roberts congratulates 'rival' David Braben and Frontier for Elite: Dangerous launch

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Star Citizen is far from its launch day but Cloud Imperium's Chris Roberts has published a congratulatory letter to space sim rival David Braben and his Frontier Developments team for fully releasing Elite: Dangerous.

Roberts has been a supporter "since day one, and am thrilled to see it become a reality." He'll be firing it up over the holidays, and reminds the Star Citizen community there's no real rivalry.

Star Citizen achieves $63 million in crowd-funding in wake of anniversary sale

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The latest 'Letter from the Chairman' from Cloud Imperium's Chris Roberts announces the latest record-breaking milestone of $63 million for space sim Star Citizen. It's thanks to the recent anniversary sales.

Roberts stresses "you don't need anything beyond" a basic starter pack to get in Star Citizen early, but the studio is grateful to those still contributing so they can invest in "bigger or additional ships".

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