Star Citizen

Star Citizen is a destination, not a one-off story. It’s a complete universe where any number of adventures can take place, allowing players to decide their own game experience.
EU & US Release date: 2016

Star Citizen Latest News

Cloud Imperium Games announce new development office in Frankfurt, Germany for Star Citizen

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Chris Roberts and his studio Cloud Imperium Games has just expanded again with a new development office in Frankfurt, Germany which numbers 21 staff and "many of whom" were behind Crytek's CryEngine technology.

That's great news considering Star Citizen uses the CryEngine, so these latest additions to staff will "pay huge dividends" to development, says Roberts. By the end of 2015 this new office should grow to 50 employees.

Star Citizen's FPS module hit with "technical blockers and gameplay issues"

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Chris Roberts has revealed in a new Letter from the Chairman on the official Star Citizen website that the FPS module, known as Star Marine, won't be arriving any time soonish because of problems.

It was intended to release to backers after PAX East in April, but "technical blockers and gameplay issues" are keeping it from rolling out. It hasn't delayed Star Citizen's overall schedule, he assures.

Military ships "free to fly" this week in Star Citizen

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Cloud Imperium Games are after our sweet metrics this week and so are enticing us with access to military ships to crunch the numbers. The Anvil Hornet variants, Anvil Gladiator and the Aegis Gladius are all ready to fly.

These free weeks "provide valuable testing" to the team and so they're eager for Star Citizen backers to jump into flight and get pew-pewing. As long as you've access to the Hangar then you're ready.

48GB of work in progress Star Citizen assets have been leaked

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After a community manager for developer Cloud Imperium Games released a screenshot for Star Citizen containing a partial URL, the internet inevitably clunked into gear.

Someone guessed the rest of the link, and boom... despite CIG quickly shutting down the link, 48GB of work in progress assets have already been downloaded and shared across the web.

Star Marine is Star Citizen's FPS module, Cloud Imperium give full developer report

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The upcoming FPS module for Cloud Imperium Games' Star Citizen has been named 'Star Marine', and it's been Chris Roberts' dream of "integrating a first person shooter with a space sim." It's all part of a wider more immersive universe.

In this space sim we "aren’t directly ‘playing’ a ship", but a character who's piloting a ship. That means we can be involved in far more of the action, like being part of a boarding team.

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