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Star Citizen dev: "Employees being reorganized not laid off"

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Rumors have been going around that Cloud Imperium Games, the developer of the massively crowdfunded space sim Star Citizen, has been laying off employees. The studio states that staff are being reorganized..

Play Star Citizen's Arena Commander module for free this weekend

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See, you don't have to spend your entire living wage in order to try your hand at Star Citizen - developer Cloud Imperium Games is holding a free weekend until Monday, August 17.

You'll be able to try out the game's space dogfighting Arena Commander module, simply by heading to this site and entering the code 'Gamescom2015'.

Star Citizen developer demos multi-crew ships

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Cloud Imperium Games showed off Star Citizen's massive multi-crew ships at Gamescom last week, and if you missed out on the team's Twitch conference, you can check out a demo of the feature below.

It builds on the Arena Commander flight sim module, and allows small teams of players to take part in their own space adventures, manning turrets, piloting the ship and performing other vital tasks between them. Each player is subject to their own local gravity, so if one player spins the ship, the others won't go flying into the ceiling.

Star Citizen's Arena Commander patched to v1.1.5V2, Vanduul Scythe now "hangar and combat ready"

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Cloud Imperium has released the long awaited next patch for Star Citizen's current early access platform Arena Commander. It introduces a long list of changes and balance tweaks for pilots to adjust to.

The Vanduul Scythe and snub fighter P52-Merlin is also 'hangar ready' and can also be flown into combat. There are other big under-the-hood changes with v1.1.5, like a change over to the new audio system.

Star Citizen's FPS module 'Star Marine' due on PTU "round-about Gamescom or slightly after"

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Chris Roberts has revealed the latest tentative date for the debut of Star Citizen's first-person shooter module, or at least through the bug-heavy PTU which handles extra early builds.

It's around about a month away says Roberts, where they hope to have it ready for testing among Citizens "round-about Gamescom or slightly after", which runs August 5-9. It's by no means a sure thing.

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