Stronghold Legends Latest Downloads

Patch 1.11

  • [Patch]
  • Posted over 8 years ago
  • 13.7 MB

Patch 1.11 has been released for Stronghold Legends, it fixes some bugs and makes other changes to the game.

Patch 1.1

  • [Patch]
  • Posted over 8 years ago
  • 13.3 MB

Upgrade Stronghold Legends to v1.1 with this patch. This update offers a variety of fixes for the game.

Stronghold Legends Demo

  • [Demo]
  • Posted over 8 years ago
  • 342 MB

The demo will contain the tutorial and a full skirmish level, playable from 3 positions in 3 difficulty levels. All 3 combatants are evil, the player has access to most of the building types, half the regular troop types and giant bats.

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