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Irrational Games job openings offer interesting hints about new projects

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Anyone who has followed the games, antics, and ethics of Ken Levine and his studio, Irrational Games, should know full well that the man and the studio value a deep creativity and a tight knit story. However, new job openings at Irrational point to a possibility of embracing a new kind of project that don't generally follow the strict confines of Bioshock and System Shock.

Rumor: System Shock 3 in development at OtherSide Entertainment? [Update: Confirmed]

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OtherSide Entertainment, developers of the upcoming Underworld Ascendant, have launched a cryptic teaser website for their next project. Is it System Shock?

UPDATE: The website has now revealed itself, with a full, stark white-on-black logo for Systerm Shock 3.

Night Dive working on complete remake of System Shock, discussing System Shock 3

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In a new interview, the developer of the Enhanced Edition of the original 1994 game System Shock, Night Dive Studios, has announced that not only are they working on a full remake of System Shock, but they're in talks to make System Shock 3.

System Shock: Enhanced Edition pops up on

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System Shock 2 is the game that people really remember from the cyber-horror franchise, but its forebear is quite a unique RPG adventure in its own right. Previously it's been more trouble than it was worth to get the original System Shock up and running on a modern PC, but thankfully a new Enhanced Edition has just popped up on

Bundle Stars launches All-Star Bundle containing eight highly rated Steam titles for $1.99

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Digital download compilation specialist Bundle Stars has just announced the All Stars Bundle, a nifty collection of eight highly ranked Steam games.

Including such notable luminaries as Tropico 4: Steam Special Edition, Magicka and System Shock 2, the only thing that makes the bundle more enticing is the price; the whole lot can be yours for just $1.99 (£1.59) for the next 24 hours.

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