Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Mods

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All Mods 18 899 1.51 GB Mar 22, 2015

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Latest mods

New Ghosts

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 5 years ago
  • 25.8 MB

This is a full reskin of the ghost team. It contains darker textures for different bodyparts and the most of the weapons the ghost team uses.

Brettzies Weapon Pack 5.0

  • [Mod]
  • Posted almost 6 years ago
  • 70.4 MB

This mod from Brettzies is a hodgepodge of weapons addition, changes, textures changes and more.

Ghost Airborne Rangers

  • [Mod]
  • Posted about 6 years ago
  • 1.69 MB
  • 1 download

This file contains a full reskin of the Ghost team. Now its a Squad of Airborne Soldiers and Rangers.

German Ghosts Skin Pack

  • [Mod]
  • Posted about 6 years ago
  • 4.58 MB
  • 1 download

This Skin Pack contains a full reskin of the Ghost Team. It contains a fictive German Ghost Skin for it.

Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed 1.0.0b3

  • [Mod]
  • Posted about 6 years ago
  • 871 MB

This mod by ApexMods is the redux of popular content that has been introduced to the game by various other mods in the past, and it strives to incorporate those elements of Ghost Recon's history into a timeless collection, meticulously complemented by nov

DA49 (Full)

  • [Mod]
  • Posted almost 7 years ago
  • 92.1 MB

This mod from the DA49 team is a compilation of various mods.

Brettzies Weapon Pack 4.0

  • [Mod]
  • Posted almost 7 years ago
  • 53.7 MB

This mod from Brettzie makes many adjustments to weapon stats and abilities. See File/Full Details for more info.

Satchmod 1.0

  • [Mod]
  • Posted about 7 years ago
  • 4.94 KB

Makes the following changes: Moves shotgun to secondary, rpg usable, g36k usable with standard attachments + flashlight, g36c usable with standard attachments + flashlight

Total Random Respawns (FINAL)

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 7 years ago
  • 235 MB

This is a new multiplayer game mode dealing with random respawn points. It also includes 34 maps.

Army Combat Uniform and MARPAT

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 7 years ago
  • 5.8 MB

This mod re-textures the uniforms in the game. Good quality textures.