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Hi-Rez announces all previous Tribes titles are free, including Earthsiege titles

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Hi-Rez has announced on the Tribles Universe website that the studio is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Tribes franchise by offering every game in the series completely free.

After two years with no updates, a Tribes: Ascend PTS patch is set to drop this month

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High-Rez Studios' free-to-play shooter Tribes Ascend is set to receive a big, new public test server update this month, marking the first time that the development team has touched the game since 2013.

The new update is appropriately titled Out of the Blue Patch 1.1, and adds a new CTF map, several balance adjustments to the game's classes, and other minor tweaks to UI and gameplay.

Tribes Ascend "at a good point" to let fans "maintain it," map-making tools due

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Hi-Rez recently announced there'll be no major updates to Tribes Ascend for at least six months, which of course led people to believe support was wrapping up. However the studio wants fans more involved.

They believe it's a "complete experience," and the only way forward left is to empower the community. To that end there's some work "toward an SDK" with details due soon.

No Tribes: Ascend for consoles, "wasn't a clear path" at the time

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The free-to-play antics of shooter Tribes: Ascend won't be hitting Xbox 360 or PS3 because when they looked into it there wasn't a way to pull it off "early on." This led to a sole PC focus.

They backed the strengths of desktop gaming, "specifically" keyboard and mouse control. They're "interested in free-to-play on consoles," but there are no plans in motion.

Tribes Ascend getting new "Rape & Pillage" content

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Developer Hi-Rez has revealed some new content available for the Raider class in the free-to-play persistent online shooter Tribes Ascend, which can either be unlocked or simply purchased in the online store. The content includes two new skins, the classic Plasma Gun from the original Starsiege Tribes, the Cluster Grenade, and the SMG variant NJ5-B.

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