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Being evil isn’t all that bad.

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Tyranny Patch Notes - Update 1.0.4

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Obsidian have released the first of many patches for Tyranny which looks to address some issues faced by players since its launch.

Tyranny - Console Commands

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We know that sometimes, grinding those experience points or farming money for that rare item can be tiresome. Tyranny has some built-in console commands that can help you just enjoy the adventure.

Tyranny Inside and Out - The Dev Diaries

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The upcoming RPG Tyranny by Obsidian Entertainment and Paradox Interactive is right around the corner. We've put together all the development diaries which explain the mechanics and systems that also show off some gameplay for players interested in picking the title up.

Tyranny - Stronghold Mechanics & Spire Upgrades

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Obsidian and Paradox interactive held a livestream to showcase some of the mechanics of upcoming RPG Tyranny. The livestream focused on the new strongholds known as spires and how they can be upgraded throughout the game.

Tyranny Showcases 100 Minutes Of Gameplay

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Obsidian Entertainment and Paradox Interactive's upcoming top-down RPG Tyranny has shown off some of its gameplay in a new 100-minute video. The RPG is set in a world where the evil bad guy has already won.

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