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The critically acclaimed Valkyria Chronicles is now available on PC, including all previously released DLC!
EU & US Release date: 11 Nov, 2014
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Valkyria Chronicles Latest News

Valkyria Chronicles coming to PC in November

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Turns out that the discovery of a PEGI listing for Valkyria Chronicles did indeed mean that the cult tactical RPG was on its way to the PC. Now we know when.

Square Enix has confirmed that a digital version of the game will launch on PC this November 11, and will come with every single DLC pack already available for the PS3 edition.

Cult tactical RPG Valkyria Chronicles is heading to PC‏

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Released way back in 2008, tactical JRPG Valkyria Chronicles was something of a critical and commercial hit. Unfortunately for PC users however, it's only ever been available on PS3.

Luckily that's about to change. European game-rating agency PEGI has handed out classification to a PC version of the game, and Sega today tweeted confirmation that a port is on the way.

Sega's Tokyo Game Show line-up confirms Valkyria Chronicles 3

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Publisher Sega thought they could hide their 'true' Tokyo Game Show line-up for this year, but thanks to a slight URL tweak all their secrets spilled.

It's amazing what going from .gif to .jpg will do for you. This 'hidden' line-up clearly has Valkyria Chronicles 3, as well as Phantasy Star Portable 2?

Teaser for Valkyria Chronicles 3 surfaces? Dated September 16th

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Sega may have just launched a teaser site for Valkyria Chronicles 3, although we can't be 100% that what it's for. It has September 16th on it.

That date is the start of 2010's Tokyo Game Show meaning the site 'will open' for business the first day of the event. Code 1935 it's called.

Sega registers Valkyria Chronicles III domain name

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Sega recently register a domain name for Valkyria Chronicles III under the url of "". The first game in the series was released as an exclusive to the PlayStation 3, but Sega decided to release the second game as an exclusive to the PSP, which is launching next Friday in the UK.

Sega might only be making sure the domain name doesn't fall into someone else's hands, but it's possible that we could be looking at a third Valkyria Chronicles, and perhaps it'll be for the PlayStation 3 as well.