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New update for Warframe adds new playable character, PvP changes and more

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Digital Extremes has released a chunky update for its third-person shooter Warframe, adding a new playable character, improved PvP, and a new eight-player co-operative mode.

Making his debut in the Sanctuary update is Chroma, a “master of the deadly elements” who can change his damage output by swapping between energy colours.

Wyrmius mini-game now available to play in Warframe

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Play a lot of Warframe and fancy a break from shooting weird ninja exosuits in the head? Well developer Digital Extremes has something else for you to try - a retro shooter minigame-within-a-game called Wyrmius.

"Players can use Wyrm’s signature laser rifle to blast through increasingly challenging enemies in this Sentinel-based space shooter," explains the developer.

Warframe's latest update "puts the 'space' in 'space ninja'"‏

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Digital Extremes has released a new update for sci-fi action game Warframe. Titled ‘Archwing’, it adds a new winged jetsuit that allows players to navigate space without getting onto a ship.

Also included in the update is a new Warframe, new weapons to accompany the Archwing suit, new quests, enemies, Syndicates and more.

Warframe gets new update, new suit, two new trailers released

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Warframe developer Digital Extremes has just released the game's 13th update Dark Sectors. There's new weapons, skins, moves and enemies, all shown off in a couple of new trailers. The new update also adds a brand new Warframe suit - the Hydroid.

Warframe surpasses 5.5 million PC users, Update 12.0 detailed with trailer

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Digital Extremes' Warframe has now achieved over 5.5 million registered PC users for the MMO shooter, which is also now receiving its twelfth major game update with new features.

These include a new Warframe, a new game mode, weapons, level expansion, mod stacking, new in-game HUD, and more Warframe skins. A highlights trailer is out.

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