Download Damnation Tau+

TAU Melee Units Have - 50% More HP And 200% More Regeneration , - 300% More Moral And 200% More Moral Regeneration Than Damnation Mod Range Units Have 50% More Damage Commanders Regenerate Faster And Have 50% More HP , SO Do Relic Units And Do More Damage Krootex Heals Faster

Credits: CREDITS - ======= - LamboLambo For His Fusion Central And Sacrad Forts Maps - MR_PATTLE For His ambientfx Mod - Gerberman For His Skyray Mod - LEEHO730 For His SoulStrom RPG Mod 1.2 - THUDO For His Dawn of Skirmish AI 3.1 mod - ALTOS For Hi

File name File size Downloads Added
Damnation 14.7 MB 14 4 Mar 2012

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