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Daedalic announce Blackguards 2 releasing January 20th, 2015

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Publisher Daedalic Entertainment has dated the sequel Blackguards 2, the turn-based strategy RPG based on The Dark Eye fantasy universe. Fan feedback has been instrumental to the team.

It will release for PC and Mac on January 20th next year, confirms Daedalic, and the RPG continues to use the rulebook of The Dark Eye. It will be available through Steam, GOG and more.

EA kicks off huge Black Friday sale on Origin

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Black Friday is a peculiarly American phenomenon (though worryingly it's spreading into Europe) in which thousands of shoppers gather to tear each other to shreds in an attempt to be the first to grab overpriced toys for a negligible discount.

EA is celebrating this cultural event/capitalist riot with a huge sale on Origin, in which some very decent games are available for up to 75% off.

Alien: Isolation available for 50% off on the Humble Store

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Now this is quite the flash sale; Creative Assembly's divisive (but actually excellent and whoever disagrees is wrong) survival horror Alien: Isolation is available on the Humble Store for 50% off until 6PM GMT this evening.

That means you can enjoy hiding the unique sensation of crouching, terrified in a locker while a horrible xenomorph monstrosity slithers back and forth in front of you for the very reasonable sum of £14.99/$24.

Modern reboot Haunted House: Cryptic Graves is now available on Steam

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Inspired by (though not really anything to do with) the classic 1982 game Haunted House, Atari's modern day adventure horror Haunted House: Cryptic Graves is now available on Steam.

We honestly haven't heard that much about the game since it was announced a few months back, but there's a launch trailer out which shows off some in-game footage.

Ian Livingstone: “Now is the second golden age of games"

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Games Workshop co-founder and industry legend Ian Livingstone, currently acting as the British government's Creative Industries Champion, claims that we are living in the "second golden age of games".

During a talk at the BFI Video Games Day in London, Livingstone praised titles like Minecraft and League of Legends for proving that anyone can make a successful game, but also claimed the industry still has work to do in order to be taken seriously by mainstream culture.

Dark Souls' Games for Windows Live migration delayed until December

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Dark Souls was intended to shed its much-maligned Games for Windows Live online functionality in favour of moving across to Steam this November, but the date's now been pushed back a month.

The news was revealed in a post on the game's Steam community page, with Bandai Namco promising to keep fans updated over the coming weeks.

Sci-fi RTS Grey Goo is coming to Steam on January 23

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Petroglyph’s sci-fi RTS Grey Goo will be released via Steam on January 23, the developers have announced. A new developer diary video has also been posted, explaining the intention behind releasing earlier than anticipated.

The team says that they decided to skip an extended Beta testing phase in order to "get Grey Goo into your hands and onto your computer as soon as possible."

Next episode of Guild Wars 2's Living World storyline is Seeds of Truth, new trailer released

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Arenanet continues to push out an ungodly amount of content for Guild Wars 2, with the latest Living Season effort seemingly taking things in a rather rogue-y direction.

Yes, there's lots of sneaking about in this one. “To catch a thief, you must become a thief”, proclaims the trailer for next episode Seeds of Truth.

Thimbleweed Park hits Kickstarter goal in just one week

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Former Lucasarts developers Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick's retro adventure game Thimbleweed Park has been successfully Kickstarted only one week after the campaign began.

People sure do love Lucasarts adventure games. The game's raised $400,000, easily nipping past its $375,000 goal with 22 days still to go.

Assassin's Creed: Unity to get a huge PC patch this week

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Assassin’s Creed: Unity will be updated with a new patch this week, which aims to sort out some of those well-documented framerate and multiplayer connection issues.

Patch 3 contains “over three hundred fixes”, and although it may improve framerate, Ubisoft says there's another patch on the way that will tackle that problem more specifically.

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is getting an expansion, announces indie creator

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The remake The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is set to expand even further as creator Edmund McMillen has announced plans for an expansion are under way, with plenty more from a "very large design doc".

He's planning on a "very huge chunk" of gameplay with a new game mode, which should "almost double" what we can do. McMillen is also asking the "vast and creative" Isaac fans for ideas.

Kickstarter suspend Blood Sport campaign, offers 'no comment' to why

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The blood donation 'peripheral' cooked up by group Brand & Grotesque has had their Kickstarter suspended by the crowd-funding website. So far they haven't offered an official statement why.

It's likely there were concerns over the safety of such an idea, which is that blood is drawn from donor gamers during special blood drive events as they were taking damage in multiplayer matches.

Tales from the Borderlands' first episode out now on PC

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Telltale Games' first episode in their new Tales from the Borderlands series is now out for PC, and available through Steam. This is an adventure game spin-off to Gearbox Software's shooter RPG.

It follows characters that aren't in the main games but are connected to the wider universe and major figures, like Handsome Jack. Just like other recent Telltale adventures - choices matter.

The Crew "only possible to assess" post-release, Ubisoft embargoes press reviews

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Ubisoft is in hot water right now over its rather disastrous launch of Assassin's Creed: Unity, which wasn't helped by strict press embargoes that could otherwise have warned of serious technical flaws.

Now Ubisoft's upcoming massively online racer The Crew is being embargoed with no review copies being offered to press before it launches, but they have a legitimate reason this time?

Expansive Worlds releasing theHunter: Primal, 'a product of studio interns'

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Avalanche Studios now owns The Hunter franchise which looks to recreate the hunt of wildlife as realistically as possible. Well, it's about to go a bit pre-historic thanks to interns at Expansive Worlds mucking about.

What started as just playing around with the game engine has led to theHunter: Primal being released in a few weeks’ time. Expansive claims this has even helped their main project out.

Daedalic Entertainment signs up real-time stealth title from Mimimi Productions

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German independent studio Mimimi Productions is up to something shifty, confirms publisher Daedalic Entertainment. This new project is a real-time stealth game with the fruits of their labour due in 2016.

The "overall concept and quality" of this new project won Daedalic over, says the publisher's CEO. What exactly Mimimi is creating will be unveiled soon, promise the studios.

Open-world dystopian vehicle combat in Collateral now on Steam Early Access

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A flying, heavily-armed taxi? That's all you really need to know that's pertinent in your decision to punch cash through your monitor to get yourself into the Early Access version of Collateral.

Set in a dystopic future, we're flying a taxi around an open-world city teeming with traffic zipping about. We drive/pilot a "highly customisable and heavily armed" caught between devious factions.

Blitzkrieg 3 pre-orders begin, Nival offers chance at Closed Beta this winter

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The strategy series Blitzkrieg is returning and developer Nival has started its pre-order war campaign. The World War II RTS is coming in two flavours; Tactical Edition and Strategic Edition.

Both guarantee access to Closed Beta Testing this winter, with the Strategic Edition offering a few more goodies and 30 days premium access to multiplayer post-release.

Sledgehammer reveals new Advanced Warfare gun, name of the first DLC pack

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As if there were not enough guns to mess around with in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare already, players will soon get their hands on the AE4 assault rifle, due to be added in the game's first DLC pack next year.

Sledgehammer Games revealed the directed energy weapon in a blog post, and revealed the title of the upcoming expansion - Havoc.

Edge of Space launches biggest Early Access content update yet

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Early Access sci-fi action craft 'em up Edge of Space has just received a new update, which developer Handyman Studios claims is the "biggest the game has ever received."

Glancing over the updates notes, that's not at all surprising. You'll find 18 new armor sets, 16 weapon schematics, a bunch of new creatures and pets, and reworked research and death systems, amongst other additions.

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