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CD Projekt says the next two years are for The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077 will have to wait until 2017

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Issues of "graphical downgrades" aside, I think it's fair to say the reception for CD Projekt's behemoth RPG The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been rather positive so far. It looks like being the title that breaks the series into the mainstream.

"Sales of the third part will be many times higher than with our earlier games. Preorders indicate this," says CD Projekt's chief executive Adam Kicinski. "We broke into the mainstream. It is such a moment in our firm's history that after some years people will look differently at CD Projekt before and after this release."

Evolve gets a new Arena Mode in free update

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Rather than forcing you to track a slavering monster through forests, industrial complexes and cramped alleyways, the latest free update for Turtle Rock's 4v1 shooter Evolve cuts out a lot of the legwork by trapping you in an enclosed space with it.

The new Arena Mode places five “fixed domes” on each of the 14 maps in the game, creating a total of 70 arenas in which Monster players can take on the the Hunter team.

First update drops for Tripwire's co-op shooter Killing Floor 2, adds new Volten Manor map

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Tripwire Interactive has released the first update for its ludicrously violent festival of dismemberment, Killing Floor 2. Content Patch 01 adds a new map, collectible items, bug fixes and more.

New map Volter Manor takes place in a modern fortress with “many deadly secrets to hide”, set against a Swiss cliff side. Tripwire released several images from the new map earlier this month, some of which you can see below. Lots of claret being splashed around, as you'd expect.

Watcher Think? A Bastard's Tale

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They're not lying you know, this game really is a Bastard's Tale. Though, in actual fact, it's probably more accurate to refer to it as the Tale of Many Bastards, since No Pest Productions retro-steeped brawler does a grand old job of throwing one hard bastard after another at you with the sort of regularity that makes you question what kind of person you were in a previous life.

I won't call it the 'Dark Souls of fighting games' because, well, that whole analogy of comparing difficult games to Dark Souls is about as fresh as a graveyard. What A Bastard's Tale is though, is a highly skill-based, weapon-centric brawler that provides a sustained challenge that is so stiff in the early going that its hair-yanking frustrations are only alleviated by the satisfaction of getting just that little bit further each time.

Camel101 announce survival horror Sleepers, set for Q4 2016

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There's a spaceship, there's you, and there's a bout of amnesia. Things could be worse though; you could be dead or 'changed', reveals Camel101, who announce survival horror Sleepers. We've also got 'no one to trust'.

Our ship's crew has gone and done or suffered something awful, but what? It's our misfortune to have to find out whilst trying to jog our memory of who we are and why we're even on this spaceship.

Paradox Interactive's Magicka 2 launches today on PC

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The second instalment of 'irresponsible misanthrope' wizards adventuring together has arrived with Magicka 2 out today. The robed spell-flingers return in both single-player and co-op beam-crossing action.

All game modes in Magicka 2 support up to 4-player co-op with friendly fire always on for "hilarious disasters". The new artifacts system will change-up the game rules every time.

Perception an "echo-location based adventure" of blind woman in haunted house

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Former BioShock and Dead Space developers have formed new indie outfit The Deep End Games, and they've taken to Kickstarter with an intriguing "echo-location based adventure" about a blind woman battling a haunted house.

It's a first-person narrative driven horror adventure called Perception and we'll have to use the woman's "extraordinary hearing" and sharp wits to stay ahead of a deadly presence lurking around.

Game of Thrones adventure continues with 'Sons of Winter' out May 27th

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The fourth episode of Telltale Games' Game of Thrones adventure series will be arriving tomorrow, and it puts us just two episodes away from the season finale. Naturally everyone will have made peace by then...

A new trailer for episode 'Sons of Winter' has also surfaced and teases the precarious situation the scattered Forrester household finds itself where it all "hangs in the balance". Their fate 'is in player hands'.

Mad Max Savage Road trailer released, features Wasteland tyrant Scrotus

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WB Games has just released a new trailer for Avalcnhe Studios' upcoming Mad Max which will be out in early September on PC and console.

This new trailer introduces the Wasteland tyrant Scrotus who leads his warboys and steals Max's Interceptor, leaving him for dead. The rest is Max tearing up the Wasteland taking them on.

Next Europa Universalis IV patch includes free update with "3D fort models"

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With the next expansion for Europa Universalis IV on the way, Paradox Development Studio has revealed part of what's coming in the next big patch. Some free content is in the works with "3D fort models" on the list.

There are representations for each fortification level and there's also different styles for different cultures. They will appear on the world map to better inform us of a province's development and defences.

Capcom's digital sales to eclipse physical by March 2016

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Those winds of change are blowing and for the first time Capcom expects digital sales to surpass physical units, with the company predicting that the European market will collapse altogether.

Last fiscal ending March 31st, 2015 saw 8 million packaged sales and 5 million digital downloads. By March 31st, 2016 they believe it will switch with 6 million in packaged sales and 8 million digital.

CD Project RED release Patch 1.04 for The Witcher 3, enables 'full key rebinding' and 1280 x 720 resolution

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Yet another PC patch for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt from developer CD Projekt RED. It's ruthlessly hunting down those troublesome glitches and bugs, but also adds a little extra like support for 1280 x 720 screen size.

There's also a new button to 'Unlock Bindings' in the options menu for full customisation of keys. Presets for high and ultra settings have been improved, and Nvidia Hairworks has had another tune-up.

The Witcher was originally meant to be an isometric action RPG

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The first Witcher game, which debuted back in 2007, was initially conceived as a top-down action RPG in the traditional Diablo style, the game's project lead Ryszard Chojnowski has revealed.

In the first part of an ongoing Youtube video series that explores the origins of the game, Chojnowski shows off some footage from an early isometric version that was created in 2002.

48GB of work in progress Star Citizen assets have been leaked

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After a community manager for developer Cloud Imperium Games released a screenshot for Star Citizen containing a partial URL, the internet inevitably clunked into gear.

Someone guessed the rest of the link, and boom... despite CIG quickly shutting down the link, 48GB of work in progress assets have already been downloaded and shared across the web.

Unicube releases first gameplay footage from post-apocalyptic survival sim Sheltered

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Indie team Unicube has released the first gameplay footage for post-apocalyptic survival game Sheltered, which was Kickstarted in July last year to the tune of £30,148.

Since then it's been picked up by publisher Team 17, but this is the first time we've seen the game's pixel art take on wasteland survival in action.

Arrowhead to release a “free major content update” for last year's Gauntlet reboot

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Arrowhead Studios, the team best known for cult wizard-em-up Magicka, released a modern reboot of classic dungeon-crawling hack and slash Gauntlet last year - unfortunately, it never quite reached the heights of the studio's previous game.

Never say never, though. The team's been hard at work on the game, fixing what didn't work and adding some new features. That means a big old content update is on the way.

Resident Evil Zero remaster coming early 2016

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After the success of the excellent Resident Evil HD Remaster earlier this year, it's not that surprising to see Capcom announce a similar remake of prequel Resident Evil Zero.

2K teases mysterious new project with mock advertisements for 'gene therapy' company Advent

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What are those sneaky chaps over at 2K Games up to? The publisher has been teasing some kind of new project on its official Twitter page, with a series of mocked-up advertisements for fictional 'gene therapy' company Advent.

I know what you're thinking; all that talk about “genes”, right? Must be a new Bioshock game. Well, not unless the series is getting a radical makeover. There's a very futuristic feel to the material, which also includes a downloadable pamphlet and a teaser website.

Obsidian's free-to-play tank MMO Armored Warfare in Early Access test May 27th

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Publisher and Obsidian Entertainment's free-to-play tank MMO will be entering Early Access next week, May 27th. A new trailer for one of Armored Warfare's maps has just been released.

Tiers 1 through 6 will be available first, with the studio continuing to balance the higher tiers. They want to crunch the numbers on low to mid-tier vehicles first. River Point is the map in the latest trailer.

Tropico 5 expands next week with spies, intrigue and police blimps

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El Presidente must defend his tropical island paradise from "foreign agents at all costs" in the latest Tropico 5 expansion. Next week the Espionage add-on will be released and with it a new campaign spanning six missions.

There are also nine new spy and military buildings, four new island maps, new music, new avatar costumes and accessories, new sandbox tasks and events, and the new spy mechanics.

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