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Just Cause 3 gameplay set for April 28th teases Avalanche

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Rico's latest foray into directorship-toppling will be shown in gameplay form next week as Avalanche give us a peek at Just Cause 3 in action. Box art for the open world regime changer has also been revealed.

The official Just Cause Twitter has a teasing looped short of footage, promising to show us some meaty gameplay next week on Tuesday, April 28th via YouTube.

RIOT - Civil Unrest 'stampedes' through Steam Greenlight, challenges establishment this summer

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Mob rule has given the Greenlight thumbs up to RIOT - Civil Unrest, an indie strategy and simulation of civil disorder. It explores both sides of the tear gas canister; the rioters and the police. It also touches on real world unrest.

Twenty levels are spread across four campaigns covering Greece, Italy, Spain and Egypt. What's more, RIOT has an in-game editor so we can create our own levels and riots. We can play against other players too.

Director reveals World of Warcraft film pushed to June 2016

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The upcoming film for Blizzard's World of Warcraft has some "good news & bad news" from director Duncan Jones. It will no longer be coming in March 2016, but instead will take an extra 3 months and release in June 2016.

It just wouldn't really be an authentic Blizzard release if there weren't some kind of delay. Obviously this extra time will be spent on the Murloc musical number in the second act. It will change lives.

Dungeons 2 hatching evil schemes and slaping minions from today with PC launch

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Realmforge Studios' return of Ultimate Evil in Dungeons 2 comes to fruition today as it releases for PC, Mac, Linux and SteamOS. Real-time strategy and good ole dungeon management blend to thwart the forces of good.

An all-new gameplay trailer has escaped dark and dank tunnels, and exposes some of the new creatures we'll use in our schemes. Take note however, Dungeons 2 uses the Kalypso Launcher.

Die a lot this weekend thanks to the Steam Roguelike Sale

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Here, are you in the mood for dying over and over and over and over and over again? Then here's some good news - Valve has kicked off the Steam Roguelike Sale, which runs all weekend, and offers some solid deals on genre hits.

Jason Vorhees will make his Mortal Kombat debut on May 5

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Cult horror icon Jason Vorhees will be hacking and slashing his way into Mortal Kombat X this May 5, as part of the brawler's Kombat Pack DLC. The lumbering maniac's release date was revealed in the latest Kombat Kast.

Crypt of the NecroDancer leaves Early Access, documentary on the game's development released

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Brace Yourself Games' dungeon dance-fest Crypt of the NecroDancer has moved out of Early Access on Steam, and to celebrate the team has released a mini documentary chronicling their development process.

The documentary covers the team's approach to art design, music composition, and Early Access development. There's also a glimpse at the endless trips to indie game conventions and preview events involved in promoting a new game.

GTA V trainer lets you play god, also chimp

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This is why GTA V is on PC is the best. With the addition of a simple little mod, you can play as a chimp. Or a cat. Or basically any animal included in the game. It's called ScriptHook, and its Doctor_Dolittle> Doctor Doolittle options are just the tip of the iceberg.

Basically the trainer gives you full control over almost every aspect of the game, from physics to weather effects, to skins and cheats that make every bullet you fire explosive.

Telltale to team up with Marvel for a new game series coming in 2017

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By the end of the decade I expect Telltale Games to be making an adventure game version of every single franchise in the entire history of the world. The latest company to sign up with the developer is comics giant Marvel.

The partnership will result in a new game for consoles and PC, set for release in 2017. That's big news. It's almost certainly going to result in Telltale's highest profile game yet. Sadly though, we don't yet know what it's going be about.

Ubisoft's first 'Inside Rainbow' video looks at British Unit in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

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The British Super Action Squad S.A.S. is the first unit to star in Ubisoft's new Inside Rainbow series, letting us take a gander at the elite counter terrorism teams in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.

Other special force groups getting their own time in the limelight are the GIGN, SPETSNAZ, GSG9 and the FBI SWAT. Over the "next few weeks" the studio will continue the series.

Square Enix announces E3 conference schedule, streaming live over Twitch

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We're not even in May yet but it's already time for mid-June. Square Enix has just dated and timed their press conference for this year's E3. It begins June 16th @ 9.00am PDT / 12.00pm EDT / 5.00pm GMT +1.

What exactly will they have at their just-before-E3-kicks-off conference event? Not sure yet, as they'll be letting us know 'soon', but you can place your bets on Eidos' Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Tomb Raider.

First free DLC for Stronghold Crusader 2 from Firefly

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Free stuff has just been catapulted into every Stronghold Crusader 2 owner's Steam Library, courtesy of developer Firefly Studios. This is the "first free DLC pack" of the year, and adds Sandbox siege invasions.

Also included is an easy AI mode, a faction selection in Skirmish Trail missions, two new sandbox maps, and four new skirmish maps. The new siege invasions let us test out our castle designs. League begins The Grand Finals 2015 this weekend, 12 teams to battle over $300k

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Starting this Saturday, League will commence The Grand Finals 2015 at the EXPO XXI in Warsaw, Poland. To mark the occasion a new Tier 7 French medium tank - the AMX 13 57 - will roll out.

Aside from 12 teams duking it out in the Grand Finals, there'll also be a T34/85 and the M4AI Sherman tank outside the venue for snapshots. There’s $300k to be sliced up between competitors at The Grand Finals 2015.

Knights of Pen & Paper 2 gets "crisp, jaw-dropping 1080p at 60FPS" trailer, launches on PC mid-May

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Paradox Interactive blow our minds by releasing actual footage of turn-based fantasy RPG Knights of Pen & Paper 2 running at a sublime 1080p resolution and a fantastic 60 frames per second.

There's also a "revolutionary interactive" feature called 'pause'. Dynamic dungeons and custom-made encounters join new characters, and even a horse in Knights of Pen & Paper 2.

Codemasters announce Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, a four-player co-op action RPG

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There's a new Overlord from Codemasters, except this time the focus is on a four-player co-op action RPG of mayhem. Players take the role of Netherghūls, who must band together to fight a world "overrun by the forces of good."

The "moronic minions" return and will be under the command of players, but it seems the series is moving on from single-player. The co-op action RPG is scripted by author Rhianna Pratchett.

Gameplay overview trailer offers "glimpse into the desperate struggle" of Mad Max, on PC September 4th

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Warner Bros. IE has just released a gameplay overview for Avalanche Studios' Mad Max, which looks at the "deep car customization," vehicular combat, melee action and a "wide range of other activities".

All the footage in the trailer is in-engine and from in-game cinematics, teases Warner. The sandbox wasteland of Mad Max will be arriving on PC and console September 4th.

Elite: Dangerous to receive "new way to play" with Powerplay, take part in "ongoing battle for interstellar conquest"

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The next major update to Elite: Dangerous from developer Frontier will be pitting the galactic powers against one another in Powerplay, where Commanders will choose their side and help a faction dominate.

Each organisation is "fully fleshed-out" featuring perks, political leanings and a biography. They either grow in influence or fall to ruin as players help these factions vie for control.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is Assassin's Creed creator's new game, explores mankind's pivotal moments

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Patrice Desilets has revealed what his next project is, and it has an ancestral link to his other creation: Assassin's Creed. It seems he couldn't give up the 'exploring the past' angle and has decided to go deeper into history.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is a third-person "action-adventure survival episodic game" that will look to mankind's greatest historical moments through the passage of time.

Ultra System Requirements Revealed for Batman: Arkham Knight

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Batman: Arkham Knight is currently set to be released for the PC on 23rd June, 2015. Rocksteady and Nvidia have now confirmed what the minimum, recommended and ultra system requirements will be for the PC platform.

Stardock's Galactic Civilizations III launches May 14th

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Our dominion over the stars begins May 14th when Stardock Games' Galactic Civilizations III launches, which is also a 64-bit only game and won't apologise for it neither, as it can "deliver an unprecedented 4X experience."

The return of the grand 4X series is already available through Early Access, but finally those rocky days are almost over. It's "extremely mod-friendly," from new races, to ships and beyond.

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