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Competition: We've got six Vector Thrust keys to Giveaway

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Recently several key members of GameWatcher took part in a sweaty game of beach volleyball, and after a tough contest marked by repeated slow-motion high-fives, we managed to secure six Steam keys for Timesymmetry's arcade air combat sim, Vector Thrust.

So grab your flight-suit, come up with a cool call-sign (Badger? Mulch? Pomegranate?), and simply write "I'm in!" in the comments section below for a chance to win a key for free. We'll select six lucky winners at random.

Wasteland 2 Director's Cut "progressing well" with inXile "running on all cylinders" testing and polishing

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Brian Fargo and inXile Entertainment have just given a small update for Wasteland 2 Director's Cut, which repackages the quite-excellent post-apocalyptic RPG with better visuals, UI overhauls and tons more voiced dialogue.

The studio is now thoroughly testing and polishing this superior Director's Cut, which is entirely free for all who own the original Wasteland 2 on PC. There are four new screenshot teasers.

Card Hunter coming to Steam this month, announce Expedition to the Sky Citadel expansion

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Free-to-play browser game Card Hunter is making the leap to Steam later this month, and joining it will be the Expedition to the Sky Citadel expansion which adds the Cardotron 2000 Game Master in a nod to System Shock 2.

The "card play, deck building, tactical combat" and fantasy RPG will be a standalone free-to-play client. The expansion includes co-op multiplayer. There was "no excuse not to embrace" the Steam community.

Block N Load celebrates July 4th with "block-given right" to E Pluribus Unum map, begins today @ 4.00pm GMT+1

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The United States is celebrating its treasonous uprising against the British Monarchy tomorrow, and to mark this 'Independence Day' as I understand they call it, Jagex is adding a new map to team-based Block N Load.

The E Pluribus Unum map is to demonstrate the "block-given right" to build, destroy and defend. It kicks off today @ 4.00pm GMT+1 and ends Monday, July 6th @ 10.00am GMT+1.

First Batman: Arkham Knight story expansion revealed as Batgirl: A Matter of Family, due July 14th for Season Pass owners

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Well this is terrific news - fans of Batman: Arkham Knight can play as Batgirl in the first DLC add-on for Rocksteady's trilogy finale. If only the game wasn't in 'Early Access' right now for PC...

This story add-on includes a new location with multiple missions and side tasks, and Robin will join in at times. It takes place before Arkham Knight for obvious bound-in-a-wheelchair reasons. It's out July 14th.

Techland unveil 'Summer with Dying Light', offers "one-time only events" for six specific weekends starting July 4th

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A campaign of horror will beset the Dying Light community as Techland have announced 'Summer with Dying Light', which consists of "six specific weekends" that will host "varied one-time only events" to ramp up the fun.

Beginning this weekend for July 4-5 is Spider-Crane, which bestows "unlimited grappling hook shots" and virtually no fall damage. Still ongoing right now is the #DrinkforDLC promotion, which started as a spoof.

Frontier responds to Elite: Dangerous downgrade concerns

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Elite: Dangerous players have been complaining that the space sim's latest major update downgrades the visuals, reducing the quality and sharpness of the game's textures and dialing down on some of the more demanding environmental effects, like the dust and fog found in ring systems.

Developer Frontier has responded to these accusations (which are handily gathered here), explaining the changes and acknowledging the fact that players want more control, over the way the game looks on their system.

Mod team converts Team Fortress 2 into Nintendo's kid-friendly shooter Splatoon

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A group of modders has been bustling away trying to recreate Nintendo's madcap shooter Splatoon in Valve's Team Fortress 2. The results are currently fairly primitive, but the basic paint-swimming gameplay is all present and correct.

In an alpha gameplay trailer you can see a version of Splatoon's 'Port Mackerel' map, as well as several player and weapon models taken straight from the Wii U game. I'm not sure Nintendo will be all that thrilled about that, but nothing's been taken down yet.

Act of Aggression set for release on September 2

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Eugen Systems' classic-style RTS Act of Aggression will be available on September 2, the developer has announced. Pre-ordering the game on Steam will net you a 15% discount, plus early access to the game's Multiplayer Beta.

There's no word on the exact date the Beta will open yet, but Eugen says it should be "sometime in mid-July". It will allow players to try their hand at the game's three distinct factions; the Cartel (kind of like LulzSec with access to tanks and rocket launchers), the US Army, and the UN Chimera task force.

Bandai Namco announces HD remake of Tales of Symphonia, coming to the PC in 2016

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Bandai Namco announced earlier this month that hit JRPG Tales of Zestiria will be coming to the PC in October, and if you're a fan of the long-running Tales franchise the publisher has some more good news for you.

An HD remake of 2004's Tales of Symphonia is also planned for 2016. The game, the fifth entry in the series, was initially released on the Gamecube, and it's never been available on the PC before.

The Templar and The Duke DLC now available for Stronghold Crusaders 2, adds two new AI enemies and a new campaign

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Firefly has released a new DLC pack for its medieval strategy game Stronghold Crusaders 2, adding two new AI enemies to fight, new castle types, and a brand new campaign consisting of seven missions.

The pack's called The Templar and The Duke, so you can probably guess the titles of the two new characters. The Templar's a former soldier and current religious nutcase who likes nothing more than inserting sharp weapons into heathens, while The Duke is a foppish French noble.

Strategy RPG Legends of Eisenwald moves out of Steam Early Access

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Aterdux Entertainment's strategic peasant-bashing RPG Legends of Eisenwald has marched out of Early Access, and is currently available in its final, completed form on Steam.

The game takes a leaf out of George R.R Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series, largely ditching elves, dwarves and other fantasy staples in favour of humans being horrible to each other. You'll take command of a small feudal army, and defend your family lands from anyone silly enough to try invading.

Lab Zero Games Working on new Action/RPG Indivisible

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Lab Zero Games, known for creating indie hit Skullgirls, revealed its next project today, an action/RPG IP about a girl called Ajna who sets out on a journey to find out the truth about her mysterious powers.

Indivisible is said to be inspired by classics such as Valkyrie Profile and Super Metroid mixed in with the style that Lab Zero Games is known for. The storyline will be inspired by southeast Asian and other world mythologies, with 2D hand-drawn animation and a soundtrack from Secret of Mana composer Hiroki Kikuta.

Patrice Désilets describes Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey as "Civilization tech tree meets Assassin’s Creed"

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Assassin’s Creed creator Patrice Désilets, formerly of Ubisoft, has described his new ambitious project as the "Civilization tech tree meets Assassin’s Creed", which is a third-person action/survival game.

Our character and family "will have the scars of your decisions", he teased, and right now they're working on our character interacting with the jungle. It all starts 6 million years ago.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 expanding territory with update 1.19, adds Hungarian cities of Pécs and Szeged

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SCS Software is increasing their Going East! add-on by adding two new cities to Euro Truck Simulator 2. This free treat will be part of the upcoming Update 1.19 for the truckin' sim. Two Hungarian cities will pop into existence.

Pécs and Szeged will be new destinations and SCS have teased some new in-game screens of the Eastern European cities. Naturally you'll have to own the Going East! DLC to benefit from this freebie.

The Battle of Sol launches on PC, "multiple flyable ships" across 21 campaign missions

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There's a new story-driven space sim out this week called The Battle of Sol from independent studio Bit Planet Games. We have to fight for humanity to find a new home across 21 campaign missions.

It's powered by the Unreal Engine and many ships can be piloted, and includes commands for wingmen. Huge capital ship battles can be waged with war medals ready to pin on our flight suits.

Open Beta goes global for World of Warships, Closed Beta 'surpassed highest expectations'

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Wargaming has announced MMO World of Warships is open to all as the Open Beta goes globetrotting. The Closed Beta saw an average of half a million logging in each day spending around two hours in-game.

As the MMO now enters Open Beta waters there is fresh content ready to be tested as British and Soviet vessels join the fray. Over 80 warships are available from today in 12v12 matches. Pre-order packages are now credited.

Piranha Bytes announce open world RPG ELEX, "post-apocalyptic science fantasy" to attend Gamescom

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Gothic series creator Piranha Bytes have teamed with Nordic Games as they work on a new open world RPG called ELEX. It's a post-apocalyptic universe with a science fantasy setting, and it will be in attendance at Gamescom.

The developer enjoys "ample creative freedom" with the new IP, which they describe as a "handcrafted" RPG with "deep moral choices and powerful action." It's in development for PC and consoles.

Watcher Think? ROGUS: Kingdom of The Lost Souls

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If you're looking for something a little different from the norm, stuffed with challenge and that you can just dip in and out of at your leisure, than you could certainly do worse than IronDrop Studios' ROGUS: Kingdom of The Lost Souls.

With a bespoke focus placed on high scores and pixel-perfect platforming combat, ROGUS casts the player as a wizard who is looking to be reunited with his long lost love amid a cataclysmic event that has caused scores of monsters to pour forth. In truth, the whole thing is just a setup for some hyper-frenetic monster bashing, but honestly that's quite alright given the compelling nature of the gameplay underneath.

Action-RPG Victor Vran releases July 24th, Early Access update includes campaign 'grand finale'

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Although available to play through Steam Early Access right now, action-RPG fans might like to know that Victor Vran will be fully launching July 24th. Haemimont Games today has added the "grand finale to the main story".

Cut scenes along with German and English voice overs are in, as well as legendary weapons, Elite Challenges and Hard Mode. Victor Vran will also release DRM-free through on July 24th.

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