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Ubisoft's Heroes of Might and Magic III - HD Edition now out on PC

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Today the HD Edition of Heroes of Might and Magic III finally releases onto PC, dusting off the 15-year-old classic and giving it a fancy spit polish. Seven campaign scenarios and 48 skirmish maps await.

What's more, we've just published our review of the turn-based strategy's return. French studio DotEmu is behind the HD revival of the classic in the Heroes of Might and Magic series.

Bohemia's Take On Mars expected to fully release in June, beta in early April

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Bohemia Interactive has posted their 'roadmap to release' for Take On Mars, the simulation game that lets us try to colonise Mars as the very first humans. It all started with just a Martian-bound rover.

Now it's time to start setting up mankind's very first presence on the Red Planet. The published roadmap sets June as the target date for the final release, with early beta due in early April.

Life is Strange receives final developer diary, focuses on 'Creating Arcadia Bay'

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Dontnod Entertainment's latest rewinding adventure Life is Strange is almost here and so the third and final developer diary from the studio has been released. Now we get a peek at how they went about making the game world.

We're also treated to the voice actors behind Max and her friend Chloe. The diary also looks at the licensed music for the episodic series, and discusses their choice of art style for the game.

Final Fantasy XIV begins "Free Login Weekend" tomorrow for returning players

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If you own Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn but haven't played the MMO in a while, well, Square Enix would like to entice you back with a 'Free Login Weekend' starting tomorrow at 12.00am PST.

They'd like you to sample the "multitude of new adventures" from the recent 2.5 update. Of course you could always start your free trial if you've never stepped foot in the realm of Eorzea before.

Warner Bros. and TT Games confirm LEGO line-up, announce LEGO Jurassic World

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More plastic brick adventures are on the way for 2015 as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developer TT Games declare the LEGO series "remains a cornerstone" of their business.

What's on the way this year? LEGO Jurassic World, based off the original films and the upcoming one. There's also LEGO Marvel’s Avengers, including the Age of Ultron sequel. Lastly we have LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin.

DayZ reveal work on "zombie templates" for more variety, includes body shapes

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Chris Torchia from DayZ's development team over at Bohemia Interactive has given us a glimpse of the "zombie template" system being worked on, which will dramatically increase the wardrobe of the shuffling undead.

Not only will they dress differently, but they come in different body shapes too. All this will have minimal impact on DayZ's performance should anyone come across a large gathering.

Starbound receives first major update in almost a year

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Early Access exploration and crating game Starbound has just received its first stable update since March of last year, containing a pretty vast list of additions and improvements.

Combat's seen a major overhaul, there's now a universal hub where players can shop and trade, and a new playable race, the 'Novakids', have been added to the game.

Download the Music of League of Legends Volume One for free

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There's free video game music all over the place this week. Hot on the heels of BioWare, who recently released Dragon Age: Inquisition's tavern music at no charge, comes a similar offer from League of Legends developer Riot Games.

You can download the entire first volume of new album Music of League of Legends for free via the studio's site.

The Witcher 3 contains 16 hours of sex scene motion capture

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Sex has always been a part of the Witcher series, right back to the first game and its rather adolescent collectible cards. For upcoming third entry The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, it's no less important.

The Guardian reports that the game will contain a frankly jaw-dropping 16 hours of sex scene motion capture data. Blimey.

Torment: Tides of Numenera won't be affected by work on Bard's Tale 4, says inXile

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inXile Entertainment says that work on its Planescape Torment spiritual successor Torment: Tides of Numenera won't be affected by the recently announced Bard's Tale 4.

That's because the studio is splitting up its staff into teams that will work on both of the upcoming titles, as well as the already released Wasteland 2.

Steam adds new curated Workshops for non-Valve titles

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The potential for the modding community to make money on Steam has increased with Valve's recent addition of new curated Workshops for various non-Valve titles.

Beginning with Dungeon Defenders: Eternity and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, players will be able to create, vote for, and buy new in-game content.

Ken Levine says next project likely first-person with sci-fi vibe or setting, segmented into chapters

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What is BioShock creator Ken Levine doing with this new project of his? He recently took to Twitter to answer questions and revealed a little more about his plans, like how storytelling will be different.

Levine wants "narrative Legos" that lets his team insert new story content without it following a set linear path. He wants to be able to swap and change around, so they can "recombine in meaningful ways."

"Economic RTS" Offworld Trading Company coming to Steam Early Access February 12

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Offworld Trading Company, the economic RTS that marks Civilization 4 designer Soren Johnson's return to PC gaming, will hit Steam Early Access on February 12, publisher Stardock and development studio Mohawk Games have announced.

We've also been given our first look at the game in a new trailer, which showcases a stark sci-fi world in which powerful mega-corporations battle for resources on the surface of Mars.

Into the Stars enters final week on Kickstarter, podcast on Twitch tonight @ 7.00pm PST

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The single-player open-world of Into the Stars from Fugitive Games is in the last week of its Kickstarter campaign, having secured its $85k goal. Today it's just below $96k with extra pledge add-ons now available.

Into the Stars has us lead a very inexperienced crew across the galaxy to find our new home, and on the way we'll be scavenging and dealing with various alien lifeforms and other shenanigans.

Revamped Matrix for Shadowrun: Hong Kong as pledges surpass $700k, mini-campaign for $1 million

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It's a major overhaul for the Matrix in Shadowrun: Hong Kong from Harebrained Schemes as pledges have achieved $700k. Now the team will revise the "look, feel, and gameplay" of the Matrix.

They want it to feel more like you're "traveling in the digital world," as well as add new Intrusion Countermeasures. This isn't the last of the stretch goals because one just opened up at $1 million.

Private beta for Alone in the Dark: Illumination for pre-orders, begins January 29th

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Atari has announced that pre-ordering the action horror Alone in the Dark: Illumination, due early this year, will get you access to the private beta. This gives early access to one single-player campaign.

Another additional beta is to be revealed closer to launch, says Atari. This new Alone in the Dark has us face off against hordes of eldritch nightmares, and also supports multiplayer co-op.

Fresh Star Wars: Battlefront details in "next couple of months"

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EA has teased there will be more juicy details on DICE's upcoming revival of Star Wars: Battlefront in the "next couple of months", with it due to release "with the Star Wars movie rollout" later this year.

All we have right now is a painfully short teaser of a crashing Snowspeeder on Hoth with a stomping AT-AT. EA are "extremely excited" about the "huge potential" what with Star Wars gearing up again.

Dragon Age: Inquisition enjoyed BioWare's most successful ever launch

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Sprawling fantasy epic Dragon Age: Inquisition enjoyed the most successful launch in developer BioWare’s history "based on units sold", according to the 2015 EA earnings call.

That will be music to the ears of the Canadian studio, especially after the rather lukewarm reception to Dragon Age 2.

Jonathan Blow's upcoming adventure game The Witness is “puzzle complete”

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It's been a while since we last heard from Jonathan Blow regarding his puzzle game The Witness, but now the developer has posted an update on the status of the project.

Blow says that the game is now “Puzzle Complete”, to the tune of 677 different challenges, though work on other important aspects of the game still continues apace.

Hurk Deluxe Pack DLC out now for Far Cry 4

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Ubisoft has released the Hurk Deluxe Pack for Far Cry 4, celebrating the game's most interminable character. With the possible exception of those two stoner tourists.

The DLC pack offers five new story missions and five new custom weapons. It's out now on all platforms.

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