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Abbey Games Launching Renowned Explorers in September

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Abbey Games has let us know that they'll be releasing their strategy adventure game Renowned Explorers for the PC, Mac and Linux in September on digital distribution stores like Steam and GOG.

Renowned Explorers is set in a fictitious 19th world during an Age of Discovery. Take control of an intrepid team of adventurers searching for gold and treasure and use their beauty, brains or brawn to resolve any encounters that get in your way.

Where's our Batman: Arkham Knight review?

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You take it on faith, you take it to the heart, the wa-a-aiting is the hardest part

Free-to-play dungoen crawler Devilian launching later in 2015, beta sign-ups begin

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Feeling half-devil? Free-to-player action RPG Devilian will be dragging Europe and North America through its dungeons later in the year, but right now you can sign-up for the Beta through the official Devilian website.

This hack 'n' slash has four half-devil character classes to choose from with demon-infested dungeons to carve through, not to mention PvP battlegrounds. It also has crafting, customisation, quests, trading and more.

Prison Architect Alpha 34 now available, gang members now supported

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A long sought after feature for Prison Architect has finally made the cut as Introversion introduces "part 1 of a larger feature" with Gangs. Incoming prisoners now have a chance at belonging to an organised gang.

They'll be tattooed and are usually among the dangerous / higher security prisoners. These gang members will aid each other in fights, are more likely to carry weapons, won't enter reform programs and won't work.

Hitman Collection is 80% off on Steam for 24 more hours, includes six total games in the series

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Hiring an assassin has never been as cheap right now as the Hitman Collection on Steam is a whopping 80% off for all five of the series' major instalments which includes the most recent Hitman: Absolution and all its DLC.

The first three games are just 99p right now, and the Collection includes the spin-off Hitman: Sniper Challenge where as Agent 47 we snipe targets from afar and try and get the highest scores possible.

Space survival sim Into The Stars coming to Steam Early Access July 9th

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The Unreal Engine 4 powered Into The Stars, which has us taking command of a starship exploring a vast star system, will be coming to Steam Early Access next week on Thursday, July 9th. Can you outrun the alien scourge?

We have a crew to manage, resources to scavenge, trade, mine for and spend wisely, as well as civilians to shelter and see to safety. Developer Fugitive Games also has composer Jack Wall scoring the space sim.

First chapter of Sierra's new King's Quest arriving July 28th

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The new point and click adventures of King's Quest begin July 28th reveals Sierra, as the first of five total chapters release to fans. A Complete Collection will include all chapters but hasn't been detailed much beyond that.

There's a bonus epilogue chapter for anyone pre-ordering King's Quest. This return of the series is described as a re-imagining of the original games that delighted and frustrated us.

First-person psychological thriller The Town of Light out this Fall

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Italian indie developer has announced their first title as The Town of Light, a first-person psychological thriller set in the Volterra Psychiatric Asylum which was closed in 1978. It's based off real accounts.

We play as Renee in the present as she goes back to uncover forgotten memories. The team has "carefully recreated" around 7,000 square meters of the actual asylum. It natively supports Oculus Rift.

Troy Baker asks Metal Gear Solid fans to "reserve judgement" on Kiefer Sutherland's role as Snake

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The new Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain is going to sound rather different as the long-time voice of Snake is recast with Kiefer Sutherland lending his distinct vocals. Fellow actor Troy Baker asks fans to "reserve judgement".

He also joked he was 'glad not to be Snake', as he instead voiced Ocelot. Sutherland apparently "knocked it out of the freaking park" by Baker's estimation, and is as Snake as original actor David Hayter.

Watcher Think? Mara

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Beyond its 2.5D platformer trappings Mara is supposedly, at its heart, a considered meditation of consumerism and modern excess. Taking control of a monk who must traverse an urban concrete jungle, players must simply reach the end of each of the three levels in order to complete the game.

The problem however, is that these high-minded ideals which revolve around such weighty subject matter are arguably lost among the game's uninspired platforming action and unpolished aesthetic.

Star Citizen's FPS module hit with "technical blockers and gameplay issues"

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Chris Roberts has revealed in a new Letter from the Chairman on the official Star Citizen website that the FPS module, known as Star Marine, won't be arriving any time soonish because of problems.

It was intended to release to backers after PAX East in April, but "technical blockers and gameplay issues" are keeping it from rolling out. It hasn't delayed Star Citizen's overall schedule, he assures.

Compulsion Games’ surreal survival game We Happy Few fully funded on Kickstarter

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Compulsion Games’ odd, creepy little survival game We Happy Few has been fully funded on Kickstarter, with four days left to go on the campaign. Currently it's sitting pretty on $265,724 CAD, from a $250,000 goal.

That means, as the team at Compulsion subtly reminds us, that there's still time to get a few more stretch goals locked in.

Frictional releases underwater horror SOMA's E3 2015 gameplay trailer

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Frictional Games, the team behind cult scare-fest Amnesia: The Dark Descent, has released the brief snippet of gameplay footage from underwater horror SOMA that it showed off at E3 earlier this month.

"This showcases the player's first encounter with a type of creature that roams this part of the game," the team writes on its blog, "and gives some hints on how to best deal with them. This clip is a bit shorter than we wanted it to be and therefore misses some build-up and is a bit hurried. But one minute was all we were allowed for the show. Still, hope you all liked it!"

Mojang is closing down its strategy card game Scrolls

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Mojang is shutting down its collectible strategic card game Scrolls, which has been around in playable form since roughly 2012. The studio says that it "can no longer sustain continuous development".

It's hard not to think that the impressive success of Blizzard's Hearthstone stole some of Scrolls' thunder. The game, which had some interesting idea, and a neat, steampunk art style, never quite managed to build up the same loyal player-base as its fellow genre mates.

First in-game footage released for Bombshell, Interceptor's replacement for canned Duke Nukem project

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Danish developer Interceptor was on the cusp of creating the first Duke Nukem action RPG (no, I'm not sure that would have worked very well either), but legal issues between 3D Realms and Gearbox regarding the license put paid to that.

Nevertheless, the team has rebounded with respectable speed, and they've turned that scrapped project into a new game called Bombshell, set to release later this year. Here's the first in-game trailer.

'Tarmac Terrors' update for DiRT Rally, adds new race type and five new cars

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Codemasters has released the 'Tarmac Terrors' free update for its Early Access driving game DiRT Rally, adding the game’s first all-Tarmac rally at Baumholder, Germany, as well as five classic cars.

What's that? What exactly is the difference between tarmac rally and tarmac, apart from the fact one takes place on tarmac and the other... doesn't? I have absolutely no idea. Fortunately, the developers do.

Penultimate free Witcher 3 DLC adds another new mission

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Just the one free piece of DLC for CD Projekt's The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt this week, in the form of a new quest for Geralt to take on in the wilds of Velen.

Titled 'Where The Cat And Wolf Play', the mission takes our favourite monster hunter to a village where the inhabitants have been murdered by a mysterious force. Odds are pretty good you'll end up hitting said mysterious force with a big sword.

Raven Guard Space Marines invade Warhammer 40,000: Regicide in 1.2 update

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If you'll forgive me the brief foray into nerdy fanboyism, the Raven Guard are the coolest Space Marines around, right? While their primary-coloured pals trudge into battle, bullets pinging off their armour, the Raven Guard prefer to ninja it up in the shadows, before popping out to ruin a heretic's day with some oversized power claws. That's style.

I confess I don't know much about the Snakebite Ork Clan, but those are the two factions coming to Hammerfall/url> 's Early Access sort-of chess game Warhammer 40,000: Regicide in its latest update.

Rebellion "working on a remaster" of Activision's 1998 Battlezone

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If the virtual reality remake of arcade classic Battlezone doesn't interest then Rebellion has just announced plans to remaster the 1998 release from Activision, which blends first-person shooter and real-time strategy.

This early tank simulator will be back in all its glory for PC but the studio isn't ready to show anything yet. The VR project is "very much a reboot" of Atari's original Battlezone, which has little resemblance.

Take-Two registered four Mafia 3 domains last week

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Could we be made an offer we can't refuse soon? Take-Two has registered four new domain names as of Thursday, June 25th. All of all them reference Mafia 3 - a series fans have been waiting to see a return of.

The publisher has had leaks before relating to a third major instalment, with an alleged casting call for actors pointing to Louisiana as a possible setting. Then there was silence again, a code of silence you might say.

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