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Watcher Think?: The Weaponographist

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Chris Capel pulls one of our patented Watcher Think? mini-reviews on a top-down roguelike where death is just as helpful as living.

EVE Online's latest 'PLEX for GOOD' drive for Nepal Earthquake Relief

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CCP Games has announced they're starting up the 'PLEX for GOOD' drive system again from tonight so that EVE Online players can spend in-game PLEX on helping to secure real world relief funds for Nepal's displaced and injured.

Over 6,000 are now believed to have lost their lives in the recent earthquakes in Nepal, with over 130k homes destroyed. The United Nations calculate 3 million are in need of aid. The studio will match pledges by $15.

Indie horror Caffeine gets new 'Necessity' trailer, available "mid 2015"

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Dylan Browne's now episodic puzzle horror game Caffeine has just gotten a new trailer entitled 'Necessity'. It shows a little more of the creepily deserted space station we'll be exploring as a scared young boy seemingly all alone.

It will be split across three episodes as the story itself has "three distinct sections" to transition between, so it was a natural fit. Who knew caffeine mining in space could be so terrifying?

EA's 'Live to Play' conference at E3 2015 starts June 15th @ 1:00pm PDT

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Publishing juggernaut Electronic Arts will begin their E3 2015 press conference on June 15th, and it will run for an hour and a half. It begins 1.00pm PDT / 9.00pm GMT+1 in Shrine Auditorium. What's expected up on stage?

So far they haven't revealed what's in their E3 line-up but almost certainly it will have Star Wars: Battlefront, MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, DLC offerings for Battlefield: Hardline and hopefully the next Mass Effect.

Wasteland 2 Game of the Year Edition features "over 4000 new voiced lines and it’s still growing"

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This summer inXile Entertainment will be releasing the Game of the Year Edition for Wasteland 2, and the PC version is being upgraded for free to this superior version. It's got some serious mutations on the way.

Already revealed is an upgrade to Unity 5 and fancy PBR effects to the environments for better lighting, but the studio is also "redoing all" humanoid models. There's also the new 'Quirks & Perks' trait system.

Europa Universalis IV to expand on religious mechanics, Protestanstism gains aspects and Church Power

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Paradox Development Studio is working on the next expansion to Europa Universalis IV and they're keeping it holy. The team will be deepening the religious mechanics to significantly overhaul their impact and meaning.

Protestanstism for example can be customised by 3 aspects by spending Church Power that accumulates. It also lets each nation name their own church, "like Church of England and so on."

Deus Ex creator Warren Spector shares his thoughts on Human Revolution and the Mankind Divided trailer

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Deus Ex creator and industry legend Warren Spector has been doing an AMA over on Reddit, and it's well worth a read for anyone who's ever enjoyed his past work. He discusses the development process, his views on the future of gaming, and his feelings about the direction the Deus Ex franchise has taken since he handed over the reins.

Countdown website suggests that part two of Half-life remake mod Black Mesa may be on the way soon

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A countdown link on the Black Mesa mod website probably signals a final release date for the Source Engine-powered remake of Valve's original sci-fi shooter Half-life.

Bioware releases Dragon Age short stories starring characters from Inquisition

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Later this month Bioware will release the second volume of World of Thedas, the two-part sourcebook that delves deeper into the setting of its flagship fantasy series, Dragon Age.

To gear super-fans up for that 311-page lore-dump, the studio has commissioned two stories from its writer Joanna Berry, starring two characters she herself created; Samson and Calpernia.

Ubisoft release picture-book story to celebrate first anniversary of Child of Light – could a sequel be in the works?

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I was thoroughly enchanted by Ubisoft's fairy tale RPG platformer Child of Light, to the point where I was willing to overlook some pretty tenuous 'rhyming' dialogue. It helped that the art was utterly charming, and the world of Lemuria beautifully designed. And the song that plays over the credits didn't make me tear up, so shut up.

Given all that, it's nice to see Ubi release a free illustrated art book, Child of Light: Reginald The Great, to mark the first anniversary of the game's release.

Kickstarter for Banjo-Kazooie “spiritual successor” Yooka-Laylee launches today

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Playtonic Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Yooka-Laylee, a spiritual successor to the cult Banjo Kazooie platformer series. This time our heroes aren't a bear and a bird, but a gecko and a bat. That's progress, people!

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's Ascendance DLC is now available on PC

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's Ascendance DLC has arrived on PC, bringing new maps, weapons, and another chapter of undead Exo-suit mayhem in the next chapter of Zombie mode, titled Infection.

The new OHM LMG/Shotgun is (as you might have guessed) one of those hybrid weapons that CoD developers seem to love so much these days.

Dead Island 2 slips into 2016, "decided we didn’t reach that goal we set out to achieve"

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The team behind Dead Island 2 has pushed their zombie whacker RPG into 2016 as they feel it 'doesn't match their goals' for the project, and need more time to take it to the "next level". The sequel is being handed by Yager.

Original Dead Island developer Techland has of course moved on to Olympic-level zombie parkour in Dying Light. We'll be going to the mainland in Dead Island 2.

Space Colony: Steam Edition available today, higher resolutions to 'view entire base'

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FireFly Studios' real-time strategy and colony building sim - Space Colony - is once again launching, and this time it's with the Steam Edition. It's a "remastered version" of the game exclusive to Steam and gets its own campaign.

There are also achievements, trading cards and Steam Workshop for mods. It also supports much higher resolutions to help spot trouble early. Now, do you build for peace... or war?

Grand Theft Auto V updated on PC, fixes Steam issues and garage troubles

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Rockstar has put out their latest patch for Grand Theft Auto V which goes after some irritating Steam-only issues like not being able to alt-tab back in if the overlay was open, or not able to use Mexican Spanish subtitles. Those fiends!

They also address some problems with garages and cars in GTA Online, and work on general stability for director mode and video editor. Patch download speeds have improved too, apparently.

PC Gamer and AMD hosting 'PC Gaming Show' at E3 2015

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For the first time the PC will be getting its own side-show attraction at this year's E3 in Los Angeles, California. PC Gamer and AMD have teamed up for this "long overdue" event as the PC has no single 'holder' for the platform.

Now all can bask in the glow of our monitor screens with many notable guests scheduled for the PC Gaming Show, which takes place on June 16th. AMD says it "embodies the spirit" of PC.

Nixxes handling Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on PC

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Developer Nixxes Software will again be taking on the augmented future with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided for PC, which is of no surprise considering they were also tasked with desktop-ising Human Revolution.

It's not known yet what PC-specific goodies we'll be getting but DirectX12 and AMD's TressFX are confirmed. Eidos won't repeat their mistake of outsourcing boss fights again.

Valve introduce Game Bans for developers, cheaters can now be targetted

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There's another weapon in the community arsenal against cheaters and hackers in Steam's Library of games as Valve unveils Game Bans. Developers need only request certain users to be banned and Valve drop the hammer.

This only bans the offender from that specific game of course, and should go a long way in helping studio's clear away some of the outright cheats from their multiplayer community, without using VAC.

"Minecraft meets Team Fortress" shooter Block N Load is out today

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Voxel-based build-and-shoot-'em-up Block N Load will be available on Steam later today, and I though I'd share with you my initial impressions, based on several hours getting my backside handed to me on a plate by the game's community and development team. Often publicly.

Jagex's first attempt at a Minecraft-influenced shooter, 2012's Ace of Spades, was a bit of a mess. A year earlier the game had been released in Beta form as a slow-paced, methodical blend of base-building and combat, that rewarded smart defensive fortification and planning. The 2012 release ramped up the pace considerably, sifting the balance further towards the shooter elements. This was a poor idea, because the shooter elements were a bit naff.

GTA Online players are getting banned for using cosmetic mods, FOV tweaks

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It was all so careless and light-hearted. Folks were flinging whales around, disrupting cutscenes and generally making merry havoc in Rockstar's open world crime thriller GTA V, when suddenly things got serious.

Several PC GTA Online players are reporting that they've been banned from the game, apparently for using various mods, even those that offer only cosmetic differences. This Reddit user for example posted a screenshot of the moment he was banned, allegedly for using an FOV mod.

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