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Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is getting an expansion, announces indie creator

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The remake The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is set to expand even further as creator Edmund McMillen has announced plans for an expansion are under way, with plenty more from a "very large design doc".

He's planning on a "very huge chunk" of gameplay with a new game mode, which should "almost double" what we can do. McMillen is also asking the "vast and creative" Isaac fans for ideas.

Kickstarter suspend Blood Sport campaign, offers 'no comment' to why

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The blood donation 'peripheral' cooked up by group Brand & Grotesque has had their Kickstarter suspended by the crowd-funding website. So far they haven't offered an official statement why.

It's likely there were concerns over the safety of such an idea, which is that blood is drawn from donor gamers during special blood drive events as they were taking damage in multiplayer matches.

Tales from the Borderlands' first episode out now on PC

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Telltale Games' first episode in their new Tales from the Borderlands series is now out for PC, and available through Steam. This is an adventure game spin-off to Gearbox Software's shooter RPG.

It follows characters that aren't in the main games but are connected to the wider universe and major figures, like Handsome Jack. Just like other recent Telltale adventures - choices matter.

The Crew "only possible to assess" post-release, Ubisoft embargoes press reviews

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Ubisoft is in hot water right now over its rather disastrous launch of Assassin's Creed: Unity, which wasn't helped by strict press embargoes that could otherwise have warned of serious technical flaws.

Now Ubisoft's upcoming massively online racer The Crew is being embargoed with no review copies being offered to press before it launches, but they have a legitimate reason this time?

Expansive Worlds releasing theHunter: Primal, 'a product of studio interns'

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Avalanche Studios now owns The Hunter franchise which looks to recreate the hunt of wildlife as realistically as possible. Well, it's about to go a bit pre-historic thanks to interns at Expansive Worlds mucking about.

What started as just playing around with the game engine has led to theHunter: Primal being released in a few weeks’ time. Expansive claims this has even helped their main project out.

Daedalic Entertainment signs up real-time stealth title from Mimimi Productions

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German independent studio Mimimi Productions is up to something shifty, confirms publisher Daedalic Entertainment. This new project is a real-time stealth game with the fruits of their labour due in 2016.

The "overall concept and quality" of this new project won Daedalic over, says the publisher's CEO. What exactly Mimimi is creating will be unveiled soon, promise the studios.

Open-world dystopian vehicle combat in Collateral now on Steam Early Access

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A flying, heavily-armed taxi? That's all you really need to know that's pertinent in your decision to punch cash through your monitor to get yourself into the Early Access version of Collateral.

Set in a dystopic future, we're flying a taxi around an open-world city teeming with traffic zipping about. We drive/pilot a "highly customisable and heavily armed" caught between devious factions.

Blitzkrieg 3 pre-orders begin, Nival offers chance at Closed Beta this winter

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The strategy series Blitzkrieg is returning and developer Nival has started its pre-order war campaign. The World War II RTS is coming in two flavours; Tactical Edition and Strategic Edition.

Both guarantee access to Closed Beta Testing this winter, with the Strategic Edition offering a few more goodies and 30 days premium access to multiplayer post-release.

Sledgehammer reveals new Advanced Warfare gun, name of the first DLC pack

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As if there were not enough guns to mess around with in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare already, players will soon get their hands on the AE4 assault rifle, due to be added in the game's first DLC pack next year.

Sledgehammer Games revealed the directed energy weapon in a blog post, and revealed the title of the upcoming expansion - Havoc.

Edge of Space launches biggest Early Access content update yet

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Early Access sci-fi action craft 'em up Edge of Space has just received a new update, which developer Handyman Studios claims is the "biggest the game has ever received."

Glancing over the updates notes, that's not at all surprising. You'll find 18 new armor sets, 16 weapon schematics, a bunch of new creatures and pets, and reworked research and death systems, amongst other additions.

Irrational Games job listing for senior programmer role suggests studio isn't done just yet

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Reports of Irrational Games' demise may have been greatly exaggerated, if a new job listing on the developer's website is any indication.

The company, which co-founder Ken Levine claimed he was "winding down" in February this year, is now looking for a senior programmer with Unreal Engine 3 and 4 experience.

Valve makes changes to Steam Gifts in order to prevent trading scams

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Valve has made all games purchased as a gift untradeable for 30 days, in an effort to prevent customers who trade for another game having their new product revoked due to payment issues with the original purchaser.

You're only prevented from trading, so you can still gift the item in question to another user. Should help clear up both unscrupulous activities and honest mistakes with the trading system.

Total War: ATTILA releases February 17th, 2015

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SEGA and Creative Assembly have announced the release date for Total War: ATTILA as well as the pre-order bonus. The Viking Forefathers Culture Pack is the DLC on offer and it adds three factions to the campaign.

These Norse factions will be able to take advantage of the new scorched earth feature that lets us tear down settlements, instead of conquering or just sacking them. Pre-orders are now open for business.

Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues now on Steam Early Access

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Richard Garriott's massively online RPG Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues is now available to the masses through Steam Early Access. It's debuting with 15% off right which expires December 1st.

Also available from today is the latest content update, Release 12, which includes several new features with new skills, recipes, songs, maps and even a hint system for newcomers.

Elite: Dangerous enters 'Gamma' pre-launch phase, beta period officially ends

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Frontier Developments has announced the end of the beta for Elite: Dangerous as the space sim enters its 'Gamma' phase in the run up to launch December 16th. This is the final development build.

This opens up the "full 400 Billion star systems," and those who've pre-ordered Elite: Dangerous can download and play single-player combat missions from this Wednesday, November 26th.

Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay video released, infiltrates ACE Chemicals

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Warner Bros. and Rocksteady have just released the first of three gameplay videos for Batman: Arkham Knight, and part one takes us into ACE Chemicals. They focus on Batman trying to learn more of this 'Knight'.

New features are teased like the new 'Fear Takedown', and the "seamless integration" of the Batmobile and Combat Mode. Batman must try to save workers at the plant while stopping Scarecrow's plans.

Dead State receives "final patch before launch," community feedback vital

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Developer DoubleBear Productions has now released their final pre-release beta patch for turn-based RPG Dead State, which has us managing a shelter in the wake of a zombie outbreak in Texas.

The indie studio started Dead State after a successful Kickstarter campaign and has been on Early Access for a while. It's expected to achieve a full release next month.

PC patch for Far Cry 4 targets 'black and grey screens', Ubisoft "in the process of preparing"

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The next PC patch for Far Cry 4 is in the works at Ubisoft bringing the shooter to version 1.4.0. This update looks to fix rather annoying black screens on game launch, and a grey screen during a mission.

Ubisoft are "still in the process of preparing" the PC patch and will give a "firm date for making it available." While not comforting to those who need this patch, at least it isn't a mess quite like Unity.

Grimlore Games founded by Nordic Games, new studio focuses on SpellForce 3

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Publisher Nordic Games has opened studio Grimlore Games in Munich, which is comprised of experienced developers from series such as The Settlers, Knights and Merchants, Cultures and SpellForce.

Grimlore will be sticking with PC development for 'core gamers', specifically blending role-playing with strategy. Nordic describes this in-house studio as a "significant step" for the growing publisher.

Crytek bringing winter to Warface in new co-op setting 'Operation Cold Peak'

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Free-to-play shooter Warface from Crysis creator Crytek is going to feel the chill as a new Siberian backdrop is added. Operation Cold Peak features a secluded stronghold high in the Altai Mountains.

Three new maps and "powerful new bosses" await in this snowy tundra. A teaser for the new co-op setting has been released with it due out soon. The last update was the Nevada Versus map pack.

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