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Transcend New Heights With The Latest Elsword Update

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The tip of the proverbial iceberg has been chipped with F2P side-scrolling hack n' slash title Elsword seeing Part 1 of its Transcendence update go live.

Introducing a barrage of new, powerful high-level skills and a 'Hell Mode' dungeon difficulty, the patch sets out to make or break players who think they've mastered the game. Players can get their hands on 3 new skills at Level 70, 80 and 90 yet have to undertake a lengthy 5-part quest chain just to use them in battle.

The Game Bakers Release 'Making Of Furi' Series Alongside Major Patch

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Beautiful hack n' slash brawler Furi sees its first major update soon bringing alternate controller patters and improved mouse aiming for those being beaten to a pulp when trying to learn the title's advanced combat mechanics.

Released earlier this year, it feels like Furi went slightly under the rader not taking long to show up for free for Playstation+ subscribers. It's seeing a hefty discount right now through the Steam 'Daily Deal' with Humble Store and other select marketplaces offering the game at 20% off to bring a few new players in for the patch.

Xbox Exclusive 'Sunset Overdrive' Will Grind Over to Windows 10 If Microsoft Asks

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The PC is an open platform. Anyone can make games for it in any shape, size of flavor. So hearing Phil Spencer reiterate on how the Xbox Play Anywhere initiative - which allows all upcoming first-party Xbox titles play on a Windows 10-based PC - is open to whether or not the games 'fit' is a little confusing when it comes to question whether we'll ever see Sunset Overdrive make the trip.

Though the initiative was only put into place long after the release of Insomniac's colourful shooter, a reply to a tweet from a fan asking is it'll ever happen was met with Insomniac seeming entirely happy to comply should the higher-ups at Microsoft make the call.

Official Mod Support Comes to Call of Duty: Black Ops III

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Though it's still entirely likely fans will all hop back to Call of Duty 4 once the remaster arrives with Infinite Warfare in November, those still playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 can now get a little more out of the game with official mod support through the Steam Workshop feature.

Available to anyone with a registered copy of the game, both Unranked and Custom game lobbies can host matches with mods enabled. What exactly these mods will entail in the end is completely up to those dedicated enough to create them, but Call of Duty 4 had a long life as a paintball simulator on PC long after others had moved onto the original Call of Duty: Black Ops title and beyond.

Need A Game For The Weekend? Games Republic Is Giving Away SpaceCom!

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Want a free game to cover you for the weekend? We all have back-catalogs, that's for sure; but what's the harm of adding one more? SpaceCom is free, and you could score a few others in the process of nabbing yourself a copy.

Games Republic has begun its appropriately named 'Gaming Season' bringing a sale featuring around 500 titles scaling all the way up to a potential 90% off price. When isn't it gaming season, anyway?

Hi-Rez Officially Ends Tribes: Ascend Support With Final Patch

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After being left to die following resounding success, Hi-Rez studio's issued a patch to popular shooter Tribes Ascend 3 years after its debut, making players think the company had stopped their streak of abandoning its released games in favor of another soon after launch.

Then, with another wave of silence, the company pushed out another patch today while making sure to formerly announce its plans to cease development on the aging multiplayer shooter.

Revisit The Past With The First 20 Minutes of Gears of War 4

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Ahead of his appearance on the Live with Youtube Gaming show headed by Geoff Keighley later today, Rod Fergusson introduces the first 20 minutes of PC-bound sequel Gears of War 4 before showing off Horde Mode on this evening's show.

Releasing in under 2 weeks, Gears of War 4 is the latest title to be part of Microsoft's ongoing initiative to release all first-party Xbox One games with a well-optimized PC version bundled - and vice-versa. Though Gears of War: Ultimate Edition - a remastering of the original title - did make it to PC much like the original did shortly after its 2006 Xbox 360 release, Gears of War 4 is the first sequel to land on the platform.

Red Flags Raised Over Quantum Break's Potentially Punishing Treatment of GPUs

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Released shortly after the Xbox One version, Quantum Break's PC version - featured on the Windows 10 store - was seemingly put together as an afterthought.

Though Microsoft have since committed to avoiding the performance woes brought on through its Windows 10 Store gaming platform (With Forza Horizon 3 being a prime example of a well-handled title) the upcoming Steam release of Remedy's time-handling shooter will allegedly take more than a current cream-of-the-crop to max out. If shaky wording by the game's community manager is anything to go by.

Newly Announced Wasteland 3 Brings Multiplayer And Cinematic Camera System

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It's common for people and animals to huddle together when they're getting a little bit chilly. Sometimes it saves lives up on Everest, while other times it's just while watching crumby Saturday night television in the winter when you're pinching pennies so hard you refuse to use the fireplace. Either way, you can feel that close bond by playing the newly announced Wasteland 3 in co-op.

The post-apocalyptic world has stretched to Colorado with its once warm, desert climate being reduced to a harsh frozen... wasteland, with a cinematic camera style similar to XCOM being implemented this time around.

No Man's Sky Being Investigated By UK Advertising Standards Authority

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The controversy surrounding No Man's Sky just keeps getting bigger without ever showing signs of being quelled. Following the release of the title last month, the record-breaking sales of the title quickly led to a very vocal witch-hunt of sorts with a large chunk of its players - and press - complaining of how the final game barely matched up to what was promised by the company.

And these complains are now targeting the Hello Games in more ways than angry tweets. A Reddit user by the name of AzzerUK detailed through a post to the game's subreddit exactly how and why he decided to take part in the string of complaints leading to the UK's Advertising Standards Authority launching a full-blown investigation into No Man's Sky's Steam Page.

Want to Feel Something as a Frog? 'a dream' Allows For That

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Ever wanted to go on a journey as a slippery toad? The Japanese view the frog as a symbol of luck, causing developers Inochi.lfe to create a poetic adventure conveying the strides of our life through the use of these bouncy reptiles.

Using a strikingly simple oriental soundtrack, the sound and shape of each level of 'a dream?' changes based purely on the impact you and your fellow frogs have on the platforms surrounding you, emphasizing the real-life dynamic changes brought forward by even the most simple of encounters.

Master New Combat Mechanics in the Skyforge: Ascension Expansion

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Through a year of player feedback developers of Skyforge, Allods Team, have made it possible to fight the enemies of the world with their own limbs.

Launching on October 19th Skyforge: Ascension brings a slew of combat changes to the action-oriented MMO allowing for players to grab the weapons dropped by their enemies to use against those still putting up a fight. Dismembered enemies can have their appendages re-purposed as additional ways to beat up the allies coming to seek out revenge. Kiting and dodging has also been tweaked to make battles a little more tactical in execution.

Head to Colorado in the Penultimate Episode of HITMAN

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With only a single episode left in the first season of HITMAN, Square Enix's decision to turn the famed stealth game into an episodic escapade seems to have paid off.

Out right now is the fifth chapter taking place in Colorado. Titled 'Freedom Fighters', this is where everything starts to come together. Tasked with infiltrating a farm-turned-militia compound, you'll have to put all your skills to use from the previous episodes to take down 4 elusive targets.

MU Online Invites Players To Speed Level on 900% Drop Rate Server

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15 years in an MU Online is still going strong. Ahead of the Season 11 release, WEBZEN has committed to bringing online a special 'Speed Event' server on October 4th inviting players to rush to the game's exponential level 600 cap with a buff to EXP rates alongside a huge 900% increase in item drop rates of all kind.

How big the EXP buff is isn't entirely clear, but with MU Online being a hack n' slash similar to Diablo, there's a chance the brunt of speed leveling will be achieved by receiving stronger equipment more quickly through the increased drop rates inviting players to kill demons usually far stronger than themselves.

'Colourful' Anime Shooter Gal*Gun: Double Peace Tops Steam Charts

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Through fan outcry, borderline illegal anime 'shooter' Gal*Gun: Double Peace finally shed its console shackles and took up the throne atop Steam's best selling list after just one day.

With even the publisher's Head of Marketing taking to Twitter to express his shock at the events, following the success other risque anime games have received on Steam over the years - like Sakura Spirit and Hunie Pop - largely in thanks to comedy Let's Play channels on YouTube, it doesn't really come as much of a surprise when you consider the context of the game.

Creatiive Voxel Shooter 'Stellar Overload' Hits Early Access Soon

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There's no shortage of French studios putting out game recently, and another - Cubical Drift - have slotted themselves in for an October 12th release of their newest title.

Arriving on Steam's 'Early Access' preview program in a few weeks time, Stellar Overload has apparently received praise from Epic Games in the form of a helpful grant thanks to their creative use of the company's Unreal Engine tech.

Morgan Jaffit Reveals The Saboteur 2 Was Going to Happen

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Prior to the rapid closure of Pandemic Studios, creative director Morgan Jaffit had been invited to work on a sequel of The Saboteur.

Though the company saw great success in titles like Star Wars: Battlefront, Mercenaries and Destroy All Humans, the kings of the PS2-era were shuttered by EA on Christmas Day during the height of the financial crisis. Invited to continue working within the company, Jaffit jetted off from Australia to the Los Angeles branch of the famed studio before he 'smelled death' and took off after just a single week.

World of Warcraft's 'Emerald Nightmare' Ushers in the 'World First' Race

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As the Emerald Nightmare finally opens its corrupt doors, as do the bloodthirsty heroes of the of Horde and Alliance. The race to a world first clear has begun.

Through typical MMORPG fashion, the release of a new raid scenario means every available group begins to devour crazy hours to claiming 'World First' clears of both individual boss encounters and the slaughterhouse as a whole.

Meet The Heroes of the Battlefield 1 Campaign

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Reminiscent of the older Call of Duty titles, Battlefield 1 features a 'diverse' single player campaign focusing on the numerous soldiers and sides who took part in the Great War rather than just a single squadron's skirmish.

DICE explained through the Battlefield website how each campaign mission features a different character and how they want to "cover as much ground as possible" considering the stories are "about people rather then the history or battles". So, from the sounds of it, we won't have much time to form an attachment to a specific character before we're ushered along to meet the next.

Destiny 2 Will Reportedly See A PC Release

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A reputable and credible source over on NeoGAF seemingly shed some light on the upcoming sequel to mega-popular shooter Destiny yesterday by commenting on how the title is aiming to separate itself as 'a totally new game' while going as far to promise there being a PC release this time around.

User Shinobi602 went a little further when questioned by Kotaku suggesting the sequel will feature a whole new story with much bigger planet 'playspaces'. Planets featured in the original game could possibly return in the form of new content re-engineered with these larger areas in mind.

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