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Aliens: Colonial Marines Reviews


Aliens: Colonial Marines Review

It's got 99 problems but an Alien Queen ain't one.

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A disgrace · by FoolWolf ·

The game is bad on so many levels that the only conclusion can be that Gearbox really wanted to offend the ones that had pre-ordered the game.
Bad canon material changing in the actual canon is a problem.
Clunky and really bad gameplay.
The system of where you update and switch your gear on the fly makes you feel like in a game that is just another game with some featrures and not inthe elast ion dagner of running out of ammo while looking for scary bugs coming out of the walls.
Stupid AI (even after patch)
Stupid dialouge - ok plain bad
Bad feel in the shooting segments. Wepoans feel awkward and you lack any sense of control or feedback.
Sound design is sampled so it is accurate but used badly as a result of overall lacklustre and horrendrous game design over all.

A piece of shit game that should've been canned and not promoted via lies and deceits.

If this is the game that sinks Gearbox, I will not feel bad - I would more or less feel that it was a justifiable justice done!
At least get rid of that lying sack Pitchford...

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