Beneath a Steel Sky 2 Latest News

Broken Sword developer Revolution working on "The Future of the Adventure"

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In their Christmas Message, founder Charles Cecil hints at what Revolution is working on for 2018 and drops hints that it could be related to Beneath A Steel Sky 2 or their first title Lure Of The Temptress.

Revolution Software talks upcoming projects, Beneath a Steel Sky 2

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Have you played Beneath a Steel Sky? You should! Not only is it a terrific adventure game, it’s been absolutely free for years. It also sounds like Revolution Software might just be working on a sequel.

Revolution Software announces Beneath a Steel Sky 2

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During Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse fundraising, Revolution Software promised that if the game reached the $1M mark in donations, it would develop Beneath a Steel Sky 2. Even though the goal was not met - it reached $771K, almost double the $400 minimum goal - the developer has announced it would be going ahead with the sequel anyway.