RPG and shooter had a child - no way. the console bad bird pushed out the PC egg....

Borderlands has everything a good shooter should have; guns, more guns, mods, shields, grenades, vehicles that have bigger guns. Baddies, everywhere, ammo loot, health packs and pick ups.
Did I say guns?
Borderlands is not about some elaborate story - sure there is a main plot and quests, but that is as much RPG:ish as you can go, grinding to get this and that. The quests is mostly a way to get a bit more money and XP then just head into the wild land shooting at everything that moves.
So how does it work?
it is a first person shooter - interfaces wid points to develop certain skills and four classes with one special power each. Load up guns, they are leveled restricted, and start shooting bandits and wildlife.
The good is that if you have played a FPS - then you are right at home to start this thing. If you are a PC exclusive player you will go apeshit pissed over the menues and interface - it is keyboard and sometimes mouse controlled. Not mouse all the time adapted and that annoys the hell out of me. Some places you can actually click a menu but mostly you have to press 'e' 'space' or 'control' etc... Really really stupid!
The game is also clearly made for the new social interactive generation because some missions are downright hard as hell to fix as single player. But there is a fix for that and it is called advance slowly and max out the ammo storage for your sniper rifle, or make sure you get a vehicle!
That which you can't shoot dead in one or three shots but requires entire clips can sometimes be overrun like a hedgehog under a lawnmower. Fun - eh, a bit game breaking but OK...
The thing that pisses me off most is that Gearbox talks big but delivers so so on the fine details. The main game is serious fun running around shooting things. It is a blast and the comic like graphics is great. After a bloody fight you can find body-parts strewn around the landscape and one thing that I like and have missed from Morrowind and other sandbox games is that you need to mind your suroundings. All of a sudden your level 7 character faces an overpowering level 12 baddie and you can't kill him. This makes the scavenging for guns and skills fun - because you got a target in mind. The guy that taunted your ass! Get bigger guns, tougher shields, better skills and bust a cap!
OK, what this is is really a highly developed Diablo II. It is a grindfest and loot and item game, nicely packed in with some so so RPG elements and a shooter. The skills for guns adjust mostly your damage output, recoil, stabilization and auto aim feature (turned off for any true PC FPS:ers out there). If you skip the auto aim, your skill as player will come to effect and if you have a good rig and mouse you can shoot off the higher level baddies with some well adjusted shots. Most critters have a weak point where you will more likely score critical hits.

All in all, Borderlands is fun, but Gearbox could have handled this way better for PC gamers. Their mistrust in Valve etc just comes off as bullshit or PR talk.
In current state (not taking into effect the MP bug) I give the game 7.6 - but it could easily be viewd as +-1 depending on your fancy for gunning.