Fun to play the SP - fresh and old at the same time but then stops..

Bulletstorm SP campaign brings something new and fresh to the table - it is fun to play the game. Not the story, the setting etc means a lot to the above, no the way you fight your enemies is the highlight. The actual game machanics is the fun part.
Sure, this is another console game you get to play on your PC and you need to tweak it etc - but then it is a solid straight forward affair of following the yellowbrick road and kick the wizard in his motherf***ing b**ls and kick the sh** out of his g** ar**.
Did you get the meaning that this game is what every respectable teenager should play to be updated with every cussword there is and all the variations of the word f**ck.

MP is however a sad straggling story, bad connections, matchmaking is boring. The game is getting tedious after awhile and without Echos: a play through mission and get points highscore lists; the game would have been played once or twice and then forgotten. Well done, looking nice and all - but in the end - the game is OK - never the epic shine, nor is it a bad experience part from the MP bit.