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Civilization: Call to Power 2 Reviews


Civilization: Call to Power 2 Review

The bottom line is that the game isn't a bit challenging, and it doesn't make any sense to play an empire game in an environment where you won't have any real competition.

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Sid has to be proud! · by paelleon ·

Yes, Sid Meyer is the master, but this game was made by guys that learned his lessons very well! And, they are even better than Sid in some areas!
This is a great CIV game with hundreds of units, buildings, technologies and a sea of options available. I truly appreciate the UI, way the best ever made for a CIV game, simple and effective! Diplomacy offers a wide array of agreements, even if AI is not so competitive.
The possibility to colonize the oceans late in the game adds a new dimension of exploration and conquest to the futuristic era. I also appreciate the fact that scientific victory is as easy to achieve, the player needs to control a good portion of the planet making diplomacy or conquest a must.
The previous CALL TO POWER had even space cities with orbital bombing, too bad that this is missing here!

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