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Dark Sector Reviews


Dark Sector Review

A mixed bag of meh, that was awesome, and shoulda-woulda-couldas.

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one of the best · by anilyarki ·

i have been looking for a game like this.. awesome cool stunning graphics with not much of high end system requirments.. i got a pentium 4 3ghz with 1gb ram and nvidia 8600gt video card and this game runs perfectly fine.. recommended for all you people out there with slightly old systems.

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fun game, could be great....could be... · by madpuppy ·

Dark sector is a really fun game, the "glaive" is an excellent weapon and the controls are easy and intuitive. the real shame about this game is that I see so much potential that was wasted, for example, the "glaive" is nice, but, if Hayden Tenno was given the ability to have a few more bio-weapons
at his disposal like maybe a "real" glaive (a spear like weapon with a blade on both sides and a hook on one of the bladed sides. now that would have been a really cool melee weapon!

and what happened to the back story, I really would have liked to have more info on Hayden. some more background info would have been nice.

as for a few things that could have been executed a little better, the killing moves are great....a little repetitious and really annoying when encountering 5 or 6 enemies in melee combat though. also, the kick mechanism,
I think that it should have been automatic when encountering a ammo crate. having to look down kind of breaks the flow of the game in tense

but, apart from those few things, it is still a fun game and worth picking up.

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