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It May Not Mean Anything For Persona 5 PC, But League Of Legends Is Adding A Champion Clearly Referencing Futaba Sakura

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League of Legends adds a new champion to its roster every couple of months, and the latest was revealed just a few days ago. Before she's even been released, though, Zoe's non-default skin is already earning her legions of fans.

League of Legends Goes Full Star Guardian With New Skins, Gamemodes and Merch

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In what has become something of an annual event, Riot Games have added several new character skins to the League of Legends 'Star Guardian' series of anime-inspired costumes. But they've taken things a step further this time around.

League Of Legends Patch 7.5 Brings The Usual Mix Of Nerfs, Buffs, Item Changes And New Skins

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Nobody ever does a decent job of predicting when a new League of Legends patch will spawn into official service - but at least you can anticipate what it'll bring.

A Blood Moon Rises In League Of Legends Bringing At Least 5 More Themed Skins

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Overwatch's Chinese New Year event won't be the only one fighting for your time toward the end of the month if the usual datamines are anything to go by. League of Legends wants you for the Blood Moon event, too.

League Of Legends Finally Gets Its Much-Requested Sandbox Practice Mode

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Requested and often shot down, Riot Games have finally added a practice arena for their mega-popular MOBA title - League of Legends.

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