Mafia 2 Reviews


Mafia 2 Review

Does Mafia II make us an offer we can't refuse, or is it sleeping with the fishes? (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

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Milestone of Gaming! · by Smartcom5 ·

Truly a Must-have!

… since it's represents at ease a bunch of great games so far.
Not even Grand Theft Auto, but Mafia of course, The Godfather, elements of the best shooter series as well as a phenomenal game-play.

The story itself is nonetheless just overwhelming and long-lasting – if one falls into it. While the pure visually stunning cineastic scenery takes one into a really great, colourful journey of the roaring twenties and thirties.

In a nutshell, nothing less than epic.
One beautiful milestone in gaming!

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Try not to Try 2K Games. · by devel ·

Although Mafia II is a very Good game, with a Semi-solid storyline, an excessively used HUD (known obviously because of GTA), it just seems that the guys down at 2K tried too hard to resemble the game as one of the more popular of the genre. Yes, I am speaking of GTA. But don't get me wrong, because although the formula is greatly used, it won't make it a bad one, and perhaps that's why Mafia II is still a good game.
Perhaps only the fact that those that do not wish to buy the available DLC, wont know exactly how the story ends.. perhaps on a collections edition..

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