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Risen Review

Will you Rise to the challenge? (Xbox 360)

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If it was better · by melzerith ·

This is a good game, but it has it's flaws. First is the fighting nice to see a different combat system. But it needs some tweeking, why because it takes way to long to kill ALL enemies. I rather have the hack/slash if it's going to be that way. I was playing on normal and it took me over five mins to kill one wolf. Bad thing is the rest of the pack finished me off. Takes way to long for the guy to drink a potion. Also the games textures/graphix "Night and Day". Are really glitchy even with a system that exceeds the min req, set on low. Some places in the game switch back and forth. The story line is structered and somewhat enjoyable. But the arm waving has to stop, every NPC/PC waves there arm during every sentence. There's about ten looks for the NPC's, so after awhile they all blur together and look the same. The weapons and armor need a huge overhall. you can not buy armor unless you get promoted. you can but a sheild and helmet but there's only 2 types of helmets and 4 sheilds. Weapons are standard and if you choose the mage class you can not forge your own metal staff! WHY NOT? The Island is small and you find yourself going over the same terrian over and over. I guess they want you to find all the hiding goody's. Like rusty swords and a few gold coins. There's way more to go into but, I dpn't think I'll have the scape or time to get into everything. Play the game and find out it's worth it when the price drops below $39- E$59. It's like oblivion but without all the toys. I think after a couple expans, and maybe a second run this would be a great game to waste away hours of your time.

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