Rome: Total War Alexander Reviews


Rome: Total War Alexander Review

One of the most brilliant general in the Western civilization is being relived in this second expansion of the Rome: Total War Series.

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Total War (Alexander) · by rowlinav ·

I have played all bar the latest empire TW and enjoyed immensely. However, Alexander, for some reason fails to run after install (the game/PC freezes at 50% loading at the game start). Despite contacting CA I had no response. I rebuilt my PC and reinstalled windows and still had the same issue. I give the score as a direct reflection of the lack of support.

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Sweet & Short · by Kres ·

Just downloaded it today and played it all through. Heh yes lost most of the day. It is fun but not really anything out of ordinary. Not anything that I would expect from any mods that are available for free.

You just need to build fast and rush from Macedonia to India crushing everything on your path.

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