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Two of the best hours you’ll ever spend with a game.

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Super-stylish FPS puzzler Superhot gets a super release date

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Superhot has been getting super-hot buzz ever since it first emerged from a game jam back in 2013. And now we know that we’ll be playing the final version super soon!

Superhot Beta out now for Kickstarter backers, new trailer released

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The team behind gun-slinging, time-slowing shooter Superhot have just released a Beta version of the game to Kickstarter backers, and to celebrate they've also released a snazzy new trailer.

In Superhot, time only moves when you move, so you've got plenty of time to line up some satisfying headshots and limb removals against your polygonal foes.

First-person shooter Superhot on Kickstarter, "time moves only when you move"

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A unique "real-time chess" first-person shooter that was prototyped back in late 2013 is now poised to real-time raid our wallets for pledges on Kickstarter. The premise is simple: you move, then so do the bullets.

A public demo was released and is playable right now, provided you've got the Unity web plugin. The Polish team behind it couldn't let it simply fade as a prototype, and so give us Superhot.

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