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SuperPower 2 Reviews


SuperPower 2 Review

Such a varied setting would seem to be the perfect idea for a game of geopolitics, where players could control the destinies of nations big and small...

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Simply difficult! · by paelleon ·

This game reminds me of the mighty BALANCE OF POWER (1984 for Windows 1.0!). It is a good geo-political simulator where the AI react in a fairly realistic way to player's actions. And the player surely can take many form of actions! From global market control to nuclear forces deployment, from tank designing to espionage/sabotage activity! This is not a strategy game for common RTS player, oh no. You must have some experience in more complex (turn based) strategy games, like the old school guys around here.
The game difficulty depends on the objectives and the nation chosen by the player. Conquering the world is easier if you play Russia other than Argentina. But there are many other type of objectives (rising GDP, world peace, ecc.), but conquering the world is the only one worth of a match! ;)

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