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The best RTS online game ever · by Kres ·

With its scale, complexity, and polish it got with Forged Alliance Forever, I can't help but feel that this is my best RTS game ever. I play 1-2 matches almost every day for the past years. It says enough about what I think of it!

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8.2 My Score My Opinion · by Malthak ·

Good Points:Mass armies and a hell of a battle.Thats the main staff.Easy controls in my opinion and surely nice tutorial.

Bad Points:I am not quite a fan of sci-fi thats all.Though the economic system could be a little better i think.Also some more units wouldnt harm at all but things are ok as they are now.

Synopsis:Of course you must buy it.Its a must for the fans of sci-fi strategy genres and a good game for the other kind of gamers.

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Great bugged potentials. · by paelleon ·

This game is HUGE, just like Supreme Commander it requires an awesome PC to work, but it is worth of it! The game pace is faster than in SUPCOM, units are less expensive and take less time to build, moreover, they're faster! Battles everywhere on the map are common and the new Seraphim faction has been implemented really well.
BUT! Yes, but.... You can play the game smoothly only against 3 AIs. You will never be able to play a skirmish against more than 3 AIs or you will see a GREAT speed loss and the fame itself will seem to play in slow motion! TERRIBLE! This is due to some AI problem occuring when there are many units around, problems not present in SUPCOM, strange but true.
In short, when, AND IF (in their forum no one talks about a patch), GPG Games will patch the game you can buy it, otherwise I suggest you to buy SUPCOM.

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