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Sword of the Stars: Born of Blood Reviews


Sword of the Stars: Born of Blood Review

Sword of the Stars is unique from other turn-based space empire titles out there, the enormous sizes of the galaxies and their shapes set it apart.

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A fast, simple, quite good strategy. · by paelleon ·

Compared to the classic space strategy games (you know, hex maps, tons of options, detailed planetary managment...) this game is quite simple. Only one resource count: money. The tech tree is not enormous, but, interesting innovation, changes at every game. Only one planet for each system is present and sometimes it will never be colonizable, fortunatly maps may be quite large.
Space combat is real-time and quite spectacular (but still inferior to Nexus or Legions of Iron).
The AI is quite aggressive, colonizing fast every planet it can reach and building cruisers and dreadnoughts like candies (after 200 turns a Human AI had 855 ships!).
Unfortunatly the interface is not adequate to manage all the info you need to control vast empires and automatic planetary managment is not present.
The multiplayer (the true core of the game) is very good and every match can be transformed into a single-player game at any time nad viceversa, interesting.

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