why is a title required.... but any way

WHY IS A REVIEW REQUIRED but any way..... this game is awesome dragon born and harthfire DLC are needed so go download it. this game deserves more than a 9.5 shuld have gotten adleast a 10.0 but some people are haters just because their lvl 81 profile got transfered to a SSD and got thrown acrost the room because their game froze because while they were on solshime(or how hever its spelled) while they were running a mod that turns dragons into the stay puff marshmellow man from ghostbusters.

in conclusion, skyrim is the best roleplaying game there is (in my opinion) so do yourself a favor
1. win the lottery
2. buy some alienware stuff
3. buy skyrim and run it in 1080p, 200+ FPS ( NOT first person shooter)
4, listen to slipknot and periphery