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The Secret World Reviews


The Secret World Review

Shh, it's a secret, and Chris Capel isn't very good at keeping those.

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From cynic to fan! · by rora_borealis ·

Over the years, my husband and I became so burned out on MMOs. Ours was the standard story: played multiple MMOs, ran guilds, raided, got tired of the same thing over and over, stopped having fun, and kept hoping the next MMO would deliver on its promise of being different.

I can honestly say The Secret World has done that. It IS different. For some, that may make the adjustment a bit harder, but it's incredibly rewarding. We've found the setting and story to be strong and compelling. The NPCs have depth. The world is well-thought out. There's something in it for the RPers, the explorers, those in it for the story, and those looking for challenging gameplay. The investigation puzzles are difficult. They require engagement and effort to solve. The boss mechanics are truly challenging, but possible to figure out and work through. The early instances don't feel like easy training instances, except maybe the first one. Funcom did a lot right here. They don't treat players like they're stupid and they don't cater to the lowest common denominator. They're not making the difficult content more easy. I love that.

I love that I'm constantly getting challenged and surprised in new ways. I already feel like I've had my money's worth of fun and then some!

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