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Charlies everywhere! · by paelleon ·

Great game! The Vietnam experience is almost real, you can feel the heat and dampness of the air, the sounds of the jungle with its shadows hiding the malicious vietcong soldiers. Excellent musics and sound effects, great choice of weapons (you will learn that M16s and AKs were not the only firearms out there, especially for the viets!), good story and mission planning.
Multiplayer rocks! With the possibilty to play in different roles inside each faction, such as: soldiers, medic, radio operator (he calls artillery and plant booby traps, wow!).
Graphic is very good, but who cares!

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Great · by Mephiston ·

Well, I spetnt a lot of time playing this game in single or multi player. The game is nice with a good realization of the weapons. The AI is not great, but the placement of the enemies satisfies this deficiency. The atmosphere is fantastic, thinking at the part where you are trapped in the burrows. I've played it after MOHAA, but I found it exciting.

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