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A Fallout 3 Settlement Mod created by Shawn Lucas. Feedback is welcome! Send it to me at or post it in the comments. Videos of gameplay space: Settlement Location: Finchley Heights is located slightly south east of Jury Street Metro Station in the Wasteland world space. Settlement Details: This mod contains a new settlement consisting of roughly 25 buildings (a quarter of which are inhabited and two thirds of which can be explored), a sewer system, and 15 NPCs. The mod also adds some new gameplay space to an existing dungeon. Quest Details: The Replacement, side quest description: A Finchley has led the settlement of Finchley Heights since the day the bombs dropped. The current mayor, Albert Finchley, is dying of radiation poisoning and he has no child to replace him when he passes. His longtime opponent, Harvey Ealing sees this as his opportunity to seize control of Finchley Heights. But Albert has the wreckage of a Robobrain and a plan. Who will the Lone Wanderer choose to help? The fate of the two men and of Finchley Heights rests in your hands. The Stolen Gnome, unmarked side quest description: Mary's Diner is famous among local residents for the garden gnomes that adorn the eatery. But Mary's prized garden gnome was recently stolen and a ransom note left in its place. The eccentric owner wants her garden gnome back and it's up to the Lone Wanderer to track it and the culprit down. Installation instructions: 1. Copy the Finchley Heights .esp file and paste it into your local Fallout 3 Data directory. 2. Check the box next to the Finchley Heights file when starting up the game to load the mod. Known Bugs: 1. If loading the mod for the first time, use the wait ability to wait for 24 hours. Otherwise, some residents' doors will remain locked despite their packages' instructions to unlock the doors. 2. Using the COC command to travel to Finchley Heights, saving a game, and then loading that save may cause AI to stop processing their packages in the desired way. 3. Loading a game within the settlement sometimes results in main menu music playing instead of desired music. Please report any other bugs found by emailing me at or posting in the comments. Known Mod Conflicts: 1. Overwrites part of the Manchester estate from Puce Moose's An Evening with Mr. Manchester mod. Please report any other mod conflicts found by emailing me at or posting in the comments. Thanks for playing and please rate the file!

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