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Download Quake 4 Fortress XT Patch 1.4

This patch allows you to play Quake 4 Fortress XT along with Quake 4 1.4.1 beta patch. Added Quake 4 1.4.1 Beta support for Win/Nix - Addition: team-based teleporter support - Addition: Weapons Factory Revolution map support: *WFR teleporters work *WFR flag/cap works *WFR backpacks work (need to specify no_grenades_1/2 tho) *WFR water works - Addition: trigger_multiple and child triggers now supported in Q4F - Addition: server cvar & feature: "si_ctf_spawnPacks" - specifies how many resupply packs will spawn in quake 4 CTF maps - Fix: reload sequence no longer commences when there's not enough ammo to reload with - Fix: Weapon reload+fire bug occurance lessened (thx Infernal) - Fixed player speed bug that occurs when jumping while minigun is being fired - Fixed crash with pyro flamethrower

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