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Download Faiakes Mod (With Sounds) (2.0)

Changelog: - Added Ceano's UAZ Jeeps vehicle Mod 1.1 (now vehicles in Garbage and Warehouses!) - Added Ab@dDon's Dream Mod v1.1 (you can avoid night-time!) - Added dDefinder's Improve Sound Effects v0.9 - Added TREG's Zombified Stalker Skins v1.0 - Added H4wk's Monster Energy Drink mod - Added Gamerush's Flashlight Range Mod v1.0001 - Fixed: trader problems (for Inter. version at least. That's what I'm using - you may still have to start a new game) - Fixed: Random and excessive spawning of weapons (at least it seems so) - Dispersion while moving reduced to double the original (set at 2.0) - Explosives no longer available for sale (but you can still pick them up when you find them) - Corrected price of rgd-5 grenade being too high - Groza OC-14 5.45mm price set to 35.000 - Re-adjusted all traders' buying rates to reduce earnings - Added advice in the 'Starting A Game' section of the guide - Included the sound update files mentioned in the TweakGuides article

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File name File size Downloads Added 93.2 MB 6 9 May 2007