Upcoming PC Games 2017

Released in
1 day
26 Sep 2017


3 days
28 Sep 2017
about 1 month
31 Oct 2017

Lord of Poker

In the earlier parts of human civilization, Poker was much more than just a game.

about 2 months
15 Nov 2017

Forged Of Blood

FORGED OF BLOOD is a riveting new Fantasy Tactical RPG where the fate of a world hangs on your every decision.

2 months
29 Nov 2017


An MMORPG produced by Korean studio NeoWiz Games in cooperation with Epic Games.

3 months
31 Dec 2017

Orcs Must Die! Unchained

Storm the opposing fortress together with your friends and defend your own base.

3 months
31 Dec 2017

Total War: Arena

A strategy game that combines elements of RTS and MOBA productions.

3 months
31 Dec 2017

Driftland: The Magic Revival

A strategy by Star Drifters set up by co-founders of CI Games.

3 months
31 Dec 2017

Northern Shadow

Northern Shadow is a mix of the RPG and strategy game genres with a first-person view.

3 months
31 Dec 2017

Demons Age

A classic cRPG game with isometric view and turn-based battles, developed by independent studio Bigmoon Interactive.