Upcoming Shooter PC Games 2017

Released in
1 day
26 Sep 2017

RAID: World War II

A four player co-op game that plays out during the second world war.

about 1 month
27 Oct 2017
about 2 months
23 Nov 2017

Holdfast: Nations At War

A competitive multiplayer first and third person shooter

2 months
1 Dec 2017

Doom VFR

Doom in VR!

3 months
28 Dec 2017


squad based multiplayer shooter for PC

3 months
31 Dec 2017

Killing Floor: Incursion

The Zed-slaying co-op zombie shooter comes to VR!

3 months
31 Dec 2017


From the maker of Tower of Guns comes a new rogue-like bullet-hell shooter with an immense gun-crafting system.

3 months
31 Dec 2017

Overkill's The Walking Dead

A co-op first person shooter with elements of action, role-playing, survival horror and stealth.

3 months
31 Dec 2017


An open world strategic shooter, designed to be a highly competitive player vs. player (PvP) game.

3 months
31 Dec 2017

Beyond Enemy Lines

You are a Special Agent, equipped with state of the art weapons and equipment you operate in absolute secrecy.