Upcoming Simulator PC Games 2017

Released in
4 days
29 Sep 2017

Do Not Feed The Monkeys

The creators of Dead Synchronicity announce "the world's first digital voyeur simulator", Do Not Feed The Monkeys.

about 1 month
31 Oct 2017

Atomic Society

Be judge & lawmaker of your own post-apocalyptic settlement. Rule the wasteland your way.

3 months
31 Dec 2017


Fly in some of the most notable air battles of WWII.

3 months
31 Dec 2017

Fishing Planet

A realistic online fishing simulator developed by keen anglers at Fishing Planet LLC.

3 months
31 Dec 2017
3 months
31 Dec 2017

Oxygen Not Included

A space-colony simulation game. Manage your colonists and help them dig, build and maintain a asteroid base.

4 months
31 Jan 2018
9 months
29 Jun 2018

Jurassic World: Evolution

New theme park building sim from the creators of Planet Coaster and based on the Jurassic Park franchise.