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The Dwarf Run Launch Trailer

The game tells the story of an expedition to the ancient underworld temple undertaken by young dwarf Dalain Stonecruncher and his fellow companions, Zenn, Ionor, and Barbados. Together, they are about to meet the strangest beings, join the rebellion, investigate conspiracies, defeat the most powerful of demons, become champions of the arena, and even travel into space! It is fun, it is unique, and it is classic RPG. Your party comes face to face with all sorts of dangers and tasks, such as cleansing the dimensional rift of demons, adventuring into the goblin valley, fight a wide spectrum of arena battles, and ultimately encounter out-of-this-world entities. Visit new places, join strange wars, meet new friends (and old foes), and who knows, you might befriend some goblins and hunt some orc!

23 October 2015


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