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You'll Be Fighting From Five Sides In Call Of Duty: WW2

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Carrying on with the pre-E3 blowouts, it's time for Activision to tease more with tiny details pertaining to the Call of Duty fans have wanted for years.

Reddit Users Are Already Pointing Out Glaring Graphical Glitches In Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 is about as high-profile as it gets. Activision's space-shooter sequel comes on the back of one of the most expensive video games ever produced. So when Reddit users band together to spot the flaws in its gameplay reveal from last week, they're doing it help - not out of spite.

Destiny 2 Will Feature Uncapped Framerates, 21:9 Support And True 4K Resolution (And Beyond)

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It's a Destiny 2 kind of day. The original Destiny was lauded for being one of the most expensive games every made. Being entrusted to the team of Halo fame made sense, and while Bungie haven't played a major role in the PC platform for some time, they're pulling out all the stops for Destiny's PC debut.

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