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Leaked Images Further Suggest A World War 2 Return For The Call Of Duty Franchise

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As we gear up toward the second half of the year, it means we're getting closer to having some of the bigger questions answered. Most namely - what's going on with this year's inevitable Call of Duty.

Play Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare For Free All Weekend If That's Your Thing

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We're all being spoiled for choice with shooters this weekend. Adding the the list of free shooter experiences that would usually cost full price, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare goes free-to-play this weekend.

Call Of Duty Looks Set To 'Return To Its Roots' This Year - Suggests Activision's Earning Reports

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It's Activision Blizzard's turn to submit their quarterly earnings report to their shareholders - and the words speak volume when it comes to the future of the Call of Duty franchise.

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